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Welcome back to Who's Line Is It Anyway. The game where everything is made up and the points don't matter!... Aishh! I did it again!!!

The game we're actually playing is The BIGBANG Dating Game. Welcome to Part 4. Are you ready to finally get some results?

The rules are simple: Be honest/don't cheat and HAVE FUN!!!

If you missed out on Part 1 and wanna join in the fun, click the link here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1253463-The-BIGBANG-Dating-Game-Part-1

If you haven't yet caught up on Part 2, you can do so here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1256649-BIGBANG-Dating-Game-Part-2

Make sure you've checked out Part 3 before moving on. https://www.vingle.net/posts/1263246-The-BIGBANG-Dating-Game-Part-3 And now, back to the story...

"How'd you sleep?" You glance up from your plate and glare at your friend. You've hardly spoken a word since you woke up. The jet lag has really taken it's toll on the two of you.
"Horribly." You managed to say, still only half awake. "Not only am I having trouble with the time difference, but I dreamt each of the members gave me the rose and note." you explain.
"Oh honey, that's so terrible, it's almost funny. That's almost as bad as not knowing at all." You nod in agreement.
"Believe me, I know. I tossed and turned all night." You're in the hotel's grand ballroom for breakfast. It's buffet style. You were nervous at what you might find, unsure you'd be able to stomach fish and soup for breakfast as you've seen on Korean TV countless times. Much to your surprise, there are a number of Western items available, including Belgium waffles, which you are currently feasting on.
"Isn't it kind of strange they didn't leave a name or give any indication who they are? I mean the note did say they want to get to know me." Clearly, you've been wrestling with this since you got the note the day before.
"Yeah, but that would defeat the point of having a secret admirer."
"Can't I just have an obvious and completely known to the world admirer? This suspense is going to kill me! How am I supposed to keep my cool around them if I'm constantly wondering which one of them it is?" You say.
"Oh, Mr. Taeyang Sir, did you forget to wear a shirt today or are you just happy to see me?" Your friend says. You both burst out in laughter.
"Oh my god, can you imagine if I actually said that?"
"Imagine you saying that? No, I can't. You can barely put a sentence together when you're near them. But, I would give you some major props if you did." You give her a majorly snarky smirk. "Ok, to save both of us some sanity, we'll just have to get smart and do some sleuthing to figure out which idol is your secret admirer."
"Hmmm..." She's thinking hard. "Maybe if we can figure out each member's favorite color of rose... or get a sample of their handwriting for comparison." You look at her. You can tell the wheels are turning inside that pretty head of hers. "Ok, here's the plan. Tonight at the Naver show, you work on getting the handwriting samples and I'll work on figuring out the rose color part."
"Okay, I can do that. I'll just have them sign something. Oh, I'll ask them to write a message for my mom."
"Good thinking. They'll have to do it. No one can deny a mom!"
"How are you going to find out what kind of rose they each like?"
"I'm not sure yet." You're skeptical. That seems like an odd thing to just ask someone, and a dead giveaway.
"Excuse me ladies" It's the Maitre'd. He's standing ever so properly at the side of your table, holding a small, silver tray in one hand. On top of the tray is a single rose and an envelope identical to the previous one. "I have a special delivery for you, Madam." He says, bowing as he sets the tray on the table.
"Thank you." You reply. "Another one, seriously?" You say, turning back to your friend. You grab the envelope and tear it open. "Maybe this time they left a name." Inside the envelope is another handwritten note.
"Good Morning- I hope you slept well. I look forward to your presence at the broadcast tonight. Please enjoy your time here in Seoul. This city has my heart."
You hand the card to your friend and then smell the rose. This one smells even sweeter than the last. You look at your bestest bud, who is glaring at you.
"That it?" She says.
"That's all he wrote."
"So, do we have a plan? You can't help smiling. One of the BIGBANG members is your secret admirer. You just need to figure out which one.
"Yes, we have a plan."
The Naver V broadcast is happening at a cute little cafe about 20 minutes from your hotel. The members are already there when you arrive. You can see each of them is at a different stage of hair, make up and wardrobe. A woman in a brown pantsuit greets you and introduces herself as Sunny, the woman you spoke to on the phone. The two of you bow.
"So good you could make it." She says, bowing in return. "Let's get you over to make up."
"Oh, I already did mine." You say.
"That's ok, we have talented YG make up artists here. They can fix it. No worry." You and your bestie trade quizzical looks. You hadn't realized you're make up needed fixing, but ok, if a professional wants to make you look good for the idol loves of your life, why not?
Your BFF runs off to the bathroom as you head to the hair and make up area. You find a vacant chair and sit down. You see a guy in the chair next to you. His head is down, focused on his phone. He has a towel draped over his hair and you can see a clip poking out of the front, clipping his bangs up. Oh god! It's G-Dragon!!! How did you not instantly recognize it was him? You jump up from the chair.
"Hello, I mean Annyeonghaseyo!" You say, bowing. G-Dragon looks up from his phone.
"Annyeonghaseyo." He replies, quietly. He performs a small bow, still seated in his chair. You look around, but there isn't a make up artist or hairstylist in sight.
"Uh hey." GD says. You turn around to face him. "Did you have a good flight?" he asks.
"Yes. Yes, actually. It's the first time I've flown overseas. It was a really long flight... which you know cause you fly all the time... all over the world... you made that same trip just last month, twice... when I met you..." He nods.
"I'm glad it was a good trip then." uneasy silence fills the space between you. You kind of want to die. Maybe GD is your secret admirer. Maybe that explains the awkwardness. Or, he's just shy and you're a complete and utter spaz.
"So, this is awkward..." You say.
"Sorry. I'm kind of shy around people I don't know well."
"I know." You blurt out, confidently. "...I mean, so I've heard." Ugh! Instant fangirl humiliation. He smiles and chuckles under his breath.
"It's ok. I'll be shy, you'll be awkward. It's a good match." He says. "You can sit if you like. The MUA should be back soon."
"Make up artist." Oh, you nod. And then you sit down... you can't believe you've been standing this whole time. This is so embarrassing. You pull out your phone and shoot your bestie a quick text.
"Help! Where are you? You're not allowed to leave me alone with these guys, EVER!!! Make up area- COME QUICK!!!"
"Are you nervous?" GD asks.
"Me? A little, but it's not as bad since I've already met you guys... I'm excited to see you guys film the broadcast though." He looks at you strangely.
"You're nervous around us, but not to be on the broadcast?" He questions.
"Wait, what?"
"You do know you're going to be on the broadcast?"
"I am??? No one told me!" GD laughs. You start freaking out.
"Seriously, you didn't know?" You're so flustered and now, suddenly VERY nervous.
"NO! I had no idea." You can feel the heat flood your cheeks. GD finds your reaction very amusing because he's still laughing. You shoot him a look. "I'm glad my little meltdown amuses you!" You're tone is a mildly scolding one. He stops laughing but is visibly trying to keep his composure.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He's still smirking. "I shouldn't laugh... I can see how, from your point of view, this isn't funny." You're glaring at him. "Okay, okay. I really am sorry." He seems sincere but you can see he's still holding back laughter.
"No, it's fine. Keep laughing... make fun of the spazzy, awkward contest winner." You're being sarcastic, mostly. GD laughs again, leaning back in his chair, the back of his hand covering his face. Then, he leans forward, over to you and places his hand on YOUR leg.
"I'm so sorry. I'm being a terrible idol." You hear what he says, but you're focused on his hand, which is so casually resting on YOUR leg. Then he leans back again and in an instant the hand is gone. G-Dragon just touched YOU. Y.O.U! You're frozen momentarily, but GD doesn't seem to notice.
"I'm going to have to report your behavior to the rest of the fandom!" Ohmygod, are you flirting?
"No, please don't. It would ruin my image." He says, playing along. He smiles. You smile. There's a silent pause but it's not awkward this time.
And that's when your BFF and the MUA show up. The MUA goes to work on G-Dragon while your friend shoots you a look, her head cocked to the side and her eyebrow raised.
"Who are you and what have you done with my best friend? She whispers so only you can hear. She clearly witnessed the exchange between you and GD.
"I have no idea! Please stop me before I do something foolish." You beg her.
"Not a chance. This is good! I don't know where you found the confidence, but keep it up."
After having your face painted and your hair perfectly coiffed, you're ushered over to wardrobe. The first thing you see is Daesung. His back is facing you and he's shirtless, but you know it's him. You fangirl momentarily in the doorway. One of the wardrobe ladies sees you and says something you don't understand. Daesung turns around and smiles when he
sees you.
"Ah! Hello!" He greets you. "She says to come in." The two of you bow as you get closer.
"Thank you." you say.
"No problem. Where's your translator?" He asks.
"What translator?"
"They didn't give you a translator?" He says, surprised. "Ah. I'm shocked! How do they expect you to get anywhere?"
"The kindness of complete strangers." BFF says.
The wardrobe lady shoves several hangers with clothes on them, into your hand and points to a door on your left. All notice every piece of clothing is a skirt. You cringe, uncomfortable with wearing a little skirt, live, in front of the whole world.
"Could I just wear my jeans, please?" you ask the woman. Daesung kindly translates for you. The woman shakes her head. "Sorry, but I'm already freaking out about being on the show. I'm just not comfortable wearing these. Is there anyway I can wear pants, please?"
"You're nervous about the show?" He asks.
"She just found out she's going to be on it." Bestie explains.
"Wha? That's terrible!" He says something in Korean to the lady. After what sounds like a brief argument between the two of them, the woman throws her hands up and walks away. Daesung turns back to you, a kind, infectious smile on his face. "What would you like to wear?"
"Uh, jeans, a shirt, a hoodie or jacket, maybe some boots or sneakers... I could wear heels, but not tall ones... I'll probably fall flat on my face if they're too tall."
"She will, she's really clumsy." Your friend confirms.
"Ok. Let's just rule out heels all together then." he says.
"Oh, that's really for the best." Bestie nods in agreement.
The wardrobe lady reappears holding more hangers; this time with cute tanks and t-shirts. Again, she hands you the hangers and points to a door. This time you oblige her, bowing as you accept the clothing options. You're not sure if you were supposed to bow but it seemed appropriate and you'd rather bow than accidentally insult her. After a few minutes you emerge from the changing room, wearing on of the tank tops.
"That one is good. I like that one." Daesung says. "Ok, now you need shoes and a jacket. Uh, just take a look around. See what you like."
"Oh, seriously? I can just pick anything."
"Yeah. Why not?"
After several minutes of both you and your friend looking through the racks of clothing and accessories in the room, you find a cool hoodie with studs and patches on it. You try it on and it's a little big, but it still looks cute.
"What do you guys think?" Daesung, the wardrobe lady and your friend all look at your outfit.
"You look good." your bud says. Daesung is talking with the woman.
"I like it." he says. "But she's telling me it's Taeyang's" Yes, that's right. You're wearing Taeyang's sweatshirt. You can't help smiling at the thought. You're excited, but you're trying to reign it in.
"Are you sure? It fits her so well." Your bestie is surprised.
"Ah, Taeyang is a tiny man." D replies. "You should wear it. He won't mind." You look at him skeptically. "No, seriously. He'll be fine with it. If it'll make you happy, it'll make him happy." You think about his words. Does he know something you don't? Is Taeyang your admirer? Is Daesung? He's being incredibly nice and helpful. Ugh. You just want some answers already!
The show is about to start. You are incredibly nervous. You have no idea what to say or do. You've never been on TV or anything like it. You're standing on the side of the "stage", just off camera. The make up and hair people are touching you up and a wardrobe assistant is using a lint roller on your clothing. The members come up beside you, one by one as they enter the stage area. Each of them stops to offer words of encouragement.
"You're going to do great!" Seungri says. You can tell he's all hyped up and he's really making an effort to make you feel less nervous. "I'll introduce you. Ok? So, you'll have a few minutes before you need to head over." You nod. You're still freaking out.
Seungri puts both of his hands on your shoulders and looks you in the eyes. You're automatically aware he's touching you and you meet his gaze.
"Just forget about the show. Don't think about the cameras or the people who might watch it. Just focus on us. Alright? It's just you and the five of us, hanging out, having a conversation. Don't think about the rest of it." He's being so nice to you. He's smiling a sweet and glorious Seungri Panda smile and you're melting inside.
"Thank you." You return the smile.
"Of course." There's a moment between you. You're not sure what, but you feel completely at ease. For the first time since you arrived at the cafe, you feel the nerves disappear. You might actually be able to do this. You've flirted with GD, seen Daesung's beautiful abs, you're wearing Taeyang's clothing and now you're getting a personalized Seungri pep talk. This could be so much worse.
"Let's welcome our contest winner!" You hear Seungri say. They're all clapping and cheering you on. You step up onto the stage and walk to the couch. The members stand, bow and make room for you at the very middle of the couch, right between Taeyang and TOP. It's a cozy fit.
"She's traveled far to be here with us today. We are very grateful to have her." Seungri says. The rest of the guys agree. This isn't so bad. You can do this.
"How was the trip here?" Taeyang asks.
"Long, but it was good. I'm happy to be here."
"Were you excited to find out you won the contest?" Daesung asks you.
"What kind of question is that?" Seungri says. "Of course she was excited!" He turns to you. "You were excited, right?"
"Of course! I was very excited! I'm such a huge fan. I couldn't believe it was real."
"Oh, geez." TOP says. "Were you excited. Dumb." He's smiling and chuckling at the question.
"Hey, Taeyang?" GD calls from the other side of the couch. "Does her shirt look familiar?" Taeyang looks at you and then your/his hoodie very carefully.
"Is that my zip up?" You're suddenly a little embarrassed.
"I told her you wouldn't mind!" Daesung blurts out. Thank you, Daesung! The guys all laugh.
"You told her to wear my clothes? Well, it looks good on you." He touches the sides of the hoodie and looks purposefully at it. "Why does it fit you so well?" There is a round of chuckles.
"I told her you are a tiny man. A tiny, tiny man." Daesung says. Taeyang laughs, bowing his head forward.
"I think she should keep it." TOP adds, a mischievous smile on his face.
"What? You think she should keep my clothes?"
"Yeah! Give her the shirt." GD says. "It's a gift. From us to you."
"You can't gift my clothes to someone else!"
"I just did." Everyone is in various stages of laughter. You're so wrapped up this exchange that you've completely forgotten about the cameras and the viewers.
"But I wore it here. You want me to go home without a shirt?" Taeyang protests.
"Cause that's a problem?" You hear the words escape your mouth but it's too late to do anything about it. But it's ok, because everyone is lost in laughter. You just called out Taeyang and his affinity for going shirtless and it's a huge hit. This is a big confidence boost.
"You've seen the memes comparing your shirtlessness with TOP ability to wear every article of clothing in his closet, right?"
"Wait, what? This is a real thing?" Seungri chimes in. There's so much laughter it's hard to hear him. But within moments, GD has his phone out and has found the meme.
"Oh my, it's so true." He shows it to all the members and then the camera. The laughter is uncontrollable. It takes Seungri a lot of effort to get the group back to a contollable level.
"TOP- explain to the fans why you wear so many clothes." TOP chuckles.
"I get cold." He says.
"And Taeyang?"
"I didn't realize I'm so often without a shirt."
The show continues with you at complete ease. Seungri regains control of the conversation and steers it back to your experience making the music video. The members each have their own questions regarding your experience with them. They move on to the feel of the song and what it was like in the recording studio. Towards the end of the show they turn to the Naver V app to answer fan questions.
"This is a question from bigbangkpopfan4129" Seungri reads. "I like this girl in my class and wish to give her flowers. I'm unsure what kind of roses to give her as the colors have different meaning. What color roses do you think I should give her?" There is a collective "Oh" from the members as they contemplate the question. You look at your BFF, who is behind the cameras, looking at her phone screen. She looks up at you and shares you're knowing smile. This girl is cleaver!
"TOP, would you like to answer?" Seungri prompts.
"Oh, uh... the colors of roses have meaning?"
"Wha?" Daesung is surprised. "You don't know that?"
"Daesung, what would you give?" Seungri asks.
"Ah, I would be careful. If she doesn't know how I feel then I wouldn't give her red roses. That might scare her away." GD and Taeyang bob their heads thoughtfully at Daesung's explanation.
"I think you should give her something neutral. Orange is too bright of a color. It might portray the feelings of liking her. If you want to like her, you should give her something that seems sweet." GD explains, his hands gesturing as he does.
"Yellow, it means friendship?" Taeyang asks. He gets confirmation from one of the producers offstage. "I agree with GD. You should give her something that conveys you have feelings and you would like to spend more time with her. Since Yellow means friendship then I would stay away from those. They might give her the wrong impression." Several of the members are nodding.
"TOP?" Seungri prods.
"I don't know about the color meanings. But white is a death color, yeah?"
"A death color?" GD questions. There is a round of laughter.
"It's the color of rose you give when someone dies, right? I've only seen them at funerals."
"Or weddings." Seungri adds.
"Ah. Both of those would send the wrong message." TOP is very thoughtful about his answer.
"Unless the message is I want to marry your corpse." All eyes shoot to Daesung and then another round of laughs.
"Yeah, don't give her white roses." TOP finishes answering.
"This is a hard question." Seungri starts. "I don't like pink. So, I wouldn't give her those."
"You're wearing pink right now." Taeyang points out.
"Yeah, but I didn't pick this." Seungri says defensively. "I showed up and the costume ladies told me to put it on... Anyway." Seungri turns back towards the camera. "I hope that was helpful."
"We basically told him not to give any of the rose colors. How was that helpful?" TOP asks.
"Uh, they are asking again..." Seungri reads from the app. "He asks what flowers the contest winner would like to get? Ah, good question. Ask the girl what to give a girl."
You're on the spot. You look at your bestie again. She waves and smiles at you. Ugh, that brat!
"Um, since there is so much meaning wrapped up with the roses, give her something else. Like a lily or gerber daisy. Iris' are nice and orchids are very unique and they last a long time. Do something different. Give her something beautiful and make your own meaning by telling her how you feel." Wow. How you came up with that on the spot, you have no idea.

Alright, folks. I'm sure I just broke some hearts. So sorry, but it had to be done.

To recap:

If you chose WHITE then TOP is NOT your secret admirer.

If you chose YELLOW then Taeyang is NOT your secret admirer.

If you chose RED then Daesung is NOT your secret admirer.

If you chose PINK then Seungri is NOT your secret admirer.

If you chose ORANGE then G-Dragon is NOT your secret admirer.

Then who is?

You'll just have to keep playing to find out.

Congratulations, you don't have to make any decisions today! The only thing you have to do tell me if your bias is in or out. That's it. Make sure to write your answer in the comments below.

So not TOP sadly
Darn no Seungri but there is still hopes for my Soulmate 😂😂 and this one was soo cute I'd probably be the same way with GD except less fangirling more shyness with a hint of sarcastic jokes
My bias is still in!!!❣
wah woah, I lost Taeyang. ....but I guess its okay I think of him more of a close friend than a future husband anyway (But if he ever did ask me to marry him....lets be really who would say no..ITS TAEYANG) . . But I think the main reason I think of him that way is because GD is my bias . . you have no Idea how excite I was when I hit that set of GD gifs....I love him to much for my health this whole card was just one slaying after another I love it♡♡
Awwww I lost Top 😂😭 oh well my bias is still in the game :)
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