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Bompas & Parr, a company that specializes in weird cocktails and food is hosting a workshop on Dec. 15 where you can make cocktail bitters from your own tears.

Yup, your real human tears.

What are bitters?

Bitters are essentially a flavoring added to alcoholic beverages. They are made of different type of botanicals (aka herbs and stuff).
This particular one has human tears.


Well, you could argue that it's a marketing play (it's probably a marketing ploy), but the makers stated the got their inspiration from the Civil War.
“We often work from a historical point of view," a Bompas & Parr spokesperson told Mashable. "There are stories from the American Civil War where women were said to have cried into bottles and saved them for when their husbands come home. It has a sort of magic about it, saving these emotions.”
Well, we've seen bread made of yeast from a lady's... well, you know. (card by @InPlainSight) And we've heard of crazy people drinking their own pee, (yep, they claim it has health benefits). But this is just another body product you can consume.

What do you all think?! Anyone else worried that this cocktail will be salty?

Tagging all the cocktail connoisseurs I know :) @Allobaber @rodiziketan @marshalledgar
A hobby of mine actually.
@nicolejb I want @AlloBaber to cry with joy, but sadly her tears are betrothed to another :,(
@marshalledgar @AlloBaber I just feel like it's intruding on someones intimate emotions....or worse....will we have tear farms where people cry just to sell their tears.
@AlloBaber Then they could be enjoyed by the man lucky enough to be your husband, but not sold commercially for profit.
definitely! why not? it's water and sodium...right? 😂😃😄
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