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Shane Black, director of Iron Man 3 (and the much more enjoyable Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), has a new movie coming out called The Nice Guys. And by the look of its recently released Red Band (meaning NSFW) trailer it looks like it's following a formula akin to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
If you haven't seen that movie, it stars Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer as unlikely partners in a humor-filled neo-noir story. I don't really know how else to describe it other than saying it was one of the best comedy-crime movies I've ever seen.
One of my favorite things about this trailer is the way Black has Russell Crowe playing a very Russell Crowe-esque character (you know, tough and stuff), while Gosling plays less of a bad ass. It's kind of nice seeing Gosling play the "normal" or "weird" guy in this role after seeing him be the quiet tough guy in films like Drive and Only God Forgives.
Honestly, I'm really excited for this movie just because it looks like a return to form for Shane Black. I haven't seen Iron Man 3 but the things I've heard about haven't been too positive. I really enjoyed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and if you haven't seen that, you should probably stop reading this and find a copy to get you ready for what The Nice Guys might be like.
It looks like The Nice Guys is slated for a release on May 20th, 2016. I know I'll be making my way to the theater once it comes out.
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It looks pretty good, honestly! I liked that trailer. You're so right about Ryan Gosling @paulisadroid; I'm happy to see him playing a less-than-tough guy haha. His girly screams make that trailer for me :)