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Everyone's favorite time of the week - let's take a look back at the weekend's games for the best plays!

5. Tom Brady vs. Eagles

This one's a bit hard to follow due to the trickery, but it's a classic play. Brady fakes being confused by the playcall, but the Pats direct snap it to the RB, who tosses it the WR Amendola, who finds Brady down the sideline wide open for a huge play. Really inventive play call and it worked to perfection.

4. Antonio Brown vs. Colts

I'm including this one half for the play, and half for the celebration that comes at the very end. Make sure you watch the whole GIF to see what Brown does to celebrate his punt return TD (that went along with 2 TD catches that he had in the game). Love the sense of humor!

3. Malcolm Jenkins vs. Patriots

100-yard INT return TD? Yes please. Malcolm Jenkins went the distance and set the tone for the Eagles huge win over the Patriots in what was surely the most surprising result of the weekend. The timing of this TD was huge, as the game had been tied but the Eagles used the momentum from this play to take off and beat the Patriots badly.

2. DeVante Parker vs. Ravens

Parker looks like he hung in the air for about 10 seconds on this crazy, leaping TD catch. Amazing concentration and athleticism by the Dolphins wideout to grab it for six.

1. Aaron Rodgers vs. Lions

This is just a crazy play by the Packers and Rodgers. He threw the ball about 65 yards in the air with no time left on the clock after a defensive penalty on what should have been the last play meant there was one more chance for the Pack. Rodgers heaves one up and the receiver comes down with it in a crowded end zone for the win!

Did I get it right? Is Rodgers #1? Or would you have picked someone else?

Its indisputable. Gotta be Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary!
I like how the patriots lost that one
Aaron Rodgers. rocked that. i like the interception from Tom Brandy lol hella funny.
The Rodgers hail Mary is automatic #1 imo because of the insanely low chance of success and the impact of the play on the game result. When Richard Rodgers came down with that ball I was speechless.
but all was good. but Tom Brady one funny as gell. cause last game My team beat them. so i yhink they lost some mojo there. but Rodgers has an arm.
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