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If you aren't really into decorating your living space with a bunch of red and green, there are still ways you can show the holiday spirit in your home or apartment. This DIY project is perfect for those of us who aren't really into going down the red and green decorating route. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Hey Lauren Rene.


For this project, you will need:
-- Blank canvas
-- Painter's tape
-- Black paint
-- Paintbrush
-- Ruler
-- Pencil
-- Craft glue
-- Glitter
-- Gold craft permanent pen
-- Scissors
-- Cardstock or an old cereal box
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Draw the lines on the canvas

Use the ruler and the pencil to draw lines on the blank canvas, as shown in the picture above. Make sure they are the same width.

Put painter's tape on the canvas

Put painter's tape on the canvas where you drew the lines. You want to make sure that the tape lines are straight so that you won't have any gaps in your stripes.

Paint the stripes

Use the paintbrush to paint the black paint in between the painter's tape. Let the paint dry completely. Then, use the pencil to draw a deer stencil on a piece of cardstock or on the old cereal box. Then, cut out the deer stencil.

Trace around the stencil

Take the gold permanent marker to trace around the deer stencil.

Fill the deer stencil with glue

Take the craft glue and fill the deer outline with the glue. Be generous with the craft glue — you need to make sure you have a lot in the outline so that all of the glitter will stick.

Pour glitter on the deer shape

Pour glitter all over the deer shape. Let the glitter stick to the glue. Then, pour off the extra glitter. Let the glue dry completely.

Set the chic artwork up in your living space and enjoy!

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