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Obsession.... a fitting theme for today, as I cannot get this song out of my head. Not only do I love this song as it is another fine masterpiece produced by the super talented G-Dragon, but it is a master class in song writing.
GD demonstrates his acute understanding of song building. By that, I mean the process of layering one note after another, one instrument at a time, focusing on one bar or measure until it is perfectly blended. There is an art to song building. That's why not just anyone can be successful at it. GD really understands this and he spent a lot of time as a trainee learning this art form. In "Obesession" he's cleverly built up the suspense as the song progresses... it's subtle but it packs a punch. He tells a story. With every word, every note, every pause. It's all intentional. The purpose, to effect you, the listener.
Now that you've heard the song and understand what it's about, it's time to watch the one and only G-Dragon perform as only he was meant to... click on the next video to find out what I mean.
Same song, very different performance. The first one was amazing. But this one, in front of a life audience, is where GD really shines. He's a true performer. He understands all the elements involved in drawing in the audience. Here, he was a completely different character than in the first video. This one gave me chills.
So, Mr. G-Dragon, Sir... If you're in need of an obsession, I gladly volunteer!
Well he's my personal obsession and I'm not ashamed....I can't seriously talk about him for hours on end lol . . But he's an amazing performer, he's actually very inspiring but at the same time he kinda puts me down.. Like he makes me wanna work hard but then again he has so much talent and then there's me who can't even properly open a locker XD #ImALoser but I'm his poser so it's okay :) (He makes me feel like a proud soccer mom lol )
This is such a great song and performance . I love all the heart and energy he puts into everything he does.😆😆
I absolutely love Every aspect of this man here. Seriously he truly is an amazing artist and was born to be on stage . It's a huge difference between a normal little performance and when he's on stage in front of thousands of people he knows how to put on a show and pour his absolute heart and soul into everything he does! I've watched that live performance from his one of a kind tour a million times and will never stop seeing him on stage is truly amazing , the confidence the talent my Jiyongi is soo inspiring and just so perfect , he is and forever will be my obsession and I'll always be proud of him!