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Everyone loves the idea of fabulous cocktails at weddings and other social events. What no one thinks about (or wants to be stuck with) is the mixology, where you have to man the bar instead of mingling with guests. Unless you're hiring a bartender or mixologist for your event, are you seriously going to saddle one of your guests with getting everyone tipsy? I think not!
Any good mixologist will tell you, it's about ratios--not exact measurements. Many classics are based on either a 2-1-1 or a 3-2-1 ratio. Base liquor, sweet/sour, simple syrup. As you can see in the infographic above, these four drinks follow the 2-1-1 ratio. This isn't an exhaustive list by far.
1. Find a drink that you love and figure out the ratios.
2. In large batches, mix the ratios and put in a punch bowl/container that allows guests to serve themselves.
3. Never charge your guests for alcoholic beverages (and don't put out a tip jar!).
TIP: Talmage Lowe of Pharmacie suggests mixing up whiskey sours: one parts whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup. Set out a variety of bitters for guests to both, serve themselves, and doctor their own beverage with bitters of their choosing.
TIP: Avoid complicated cocktails and ingredients like eggs.
TIP: Save time by getting pre-packaged punch options that are just as delicious and sophisticated as mixed drinks from the bar, says Josh Harris of Bon Vivants.
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