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We started out as friends. Conversations grew long with common interests shared. Your charm and wit became attracted to me. That night I came to your house to watch a movie. That night we became more. The bitter sweet kisses and sensuous touches grew us more and more into the feeling of romance. That is the night I gave you something that I can never get back. Afterwards, you've treated me like shit and made feel like a whore. You've said that we would be more. But you've lied. To me, you were everything. To you, I will always be nothing in your eyes. Except for a flower that you have mutilated. Your Spanish flame has burn my soul into ashes. The lies and deceit you gave to me have torn my heart in two. We were once something. But now We are nothing but a memory full of Misery and regrets.
thank you :)
Wow. Sounds like a familiar story. Very well written.
thank you :)
@katiedowell it's really good.. dark and a sad story, but really good