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Hey My Vingle Nakama!

Since I've started reading the manga for Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist), I've been pretty happy with it. Part of what makes me happy is another badass women to add to this collection!
Today's Badass Woman of Anime is

Shura Kirigakure!!!

When Shura shows up, it's to investigate into the cooperation that was between Mephisto Pheles and Shiro Fujimoto. This cooperation was their protection of Rin, the son of Satan.

Shura is unique among anime ladies as far as I see it. Though there are elements of her character that are fanservice-y, she still has a more realistic body proportion than other women in similar roles in anime.

An Upper-First Class Exorcist, Shura is deadly with demon swords, and has designs on her body for the purpose of sealing these swords away until she needs them. And when she does, she is a sight to behold.

Not to mention, she likes a good beer every now and again too, so she's down to Earth despite her level of skill.

Shura Kirigakure. Confirmed badass.

She is a badass. Another big badass is Revy from Black Lagoon.
I agree.
just finished binge watching this on Netflix. she is a bad ass! :)
My bad didn't see it. Lol!
@MiguelCardosa I did a Revy card a while ago actually!