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Okay, so now we discuss spells. Three to be exact. We're talking about the three grand Fairy spells. Fairy Law is a large build up of magic energy that can affect a large or small area, depedning on the amount of magic used and who or what the caster views as an enemy. It's strong enough to have beatean the sixth strongest wizard saint at the time, Jose Porla, in a single cast. Fairy Sphere is a massive build up of magical energy that can defend against anything. Even the process of aging is stopped within the dome. Unfortunately, all of those also within the dome are put into stasis. So unless a rule is set before casting this spell, or someone else deactivates it, whoever is inside could be trapped forever and wouldn't even know it. Fairy Glitter is the second offensive spell. While it doesn't affect a large area like Fairy Law, it's instead a high amount of magic concentrated into a smaller area. It can completely incapacitate those in the target area, and seriously damage those close to the target area. So, which of the three great fairy magics is the most practical? If you had to choose one, which one would you want the most?
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probably the fairy sphere. it would allow me to protect myself and effectively jump forward in time