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Photographer Ajit Menon Site [http://www.flickr.com/photos/inagitation]
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@Goyo Are you talking about the game??? Hahahahaha! Oregon is great. There's also so much besides the coast line. :D
5 years ago·Reply
@yinofyang yea I'm talking bout the game! Lol it was the only computer game I ever loved even with its horrible graphics lol yea Portland is a place I would really love to visit
5 years ago·Reply
@Goyo Hahaha, so it was the game. I thought so. It's a pretty iconic game. Yes, Portland is such a beautiful city. Plus, it's just got that general relaxed atmosphere.
5 years ago·Reply
astonishing to think something like that exists naturally in this world, beautiful....magical....
5 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie I know! I really hope one day, we can all see something like this.
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