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Signature Cocktail: Boulevardier
If a Negroni is a floral, feminine, Xanax-equivalent, then Boulevardier is Negroni, a bit grown up, barely legal and inked. The gin's been replaced by bourbon whiskey folks. Can you handle it?!
This cocktail can be made as it was originally intended, which dates back to 1927 as a one-parts beverage, or it can be adapted to modern tastes, which is a 2-1-1 ratio. I shared a card about cocktailing and ratios, which you can read about here. This is Paul Clarke's recipe as seen on Serious Eats, online.
1 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth
Garnish: orange twist or cherry
Pour ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with cracked ice. Stir well for 20 seconds and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry or a twist of orange peel.
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