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This battle has always been on my mind. Who would win between; Goku, the sayain warrior that fights for good and everyone on planet Earth or Naruto, Konohas knuckle headed ninja; with his ninja way and with help from the 9 tailed fox takes on a Super Sayain God.
It's Goku. He can fly well outside the range of Naruto and just blast him if he wanted. but he wouldn't he'd take it to one on one. Naruto's taijutsu is severely lacking, and Goku is a master martial artist, with power that is potentially capable of destroying planets. Goku also has instant transmission, and even without it he is leagues faster than Naruto. He wouldn't even need super Saiyan god form
goku. I don't think it's fair to compare any anime character to the dbz universe.
@Narutokool112 but even minato wouldn't be fast enough to keep up with goku. plus goku only needs to lock on to ki for long distance instant transmission. he can do it in battle as he pleases. goku is on a whole other level
@LawlessEspada17 Lmao xD we need some facts up on this bitch lol
@VinMcCarthy Im not denying the fact that Goku could beat Naruto, or that he has more of an arsenal and experiencen. I'm persobally believe that Naruto could match Goku's speed.
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