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Goku Vs Naruto
This battle has always been on my mind. Who would win between; Goku, the sayain warrior that fights for good and everyone on planet Earth or Naruto, Konohas knuckle headed ninja; with his ninja way and with help from the 9 tailed fox takes on a Super Sayain God.
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@VinMcCarthy Goku needs to lock on to someones kii to instant transmission tho he explained this to trunks in the start of the cell saga.. Naruto is as fast as his father, been able to keep up with the raikage.
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@Narutokool112 but even minato wouldn't be fast enough to keep up with goku. plus goku only needs to lock on to ki for long distance instant transmission. he can do it in battle as he pleases. goku is on a whole other level
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@VicMcCarthy Both Minato and Goku use an Instant way to move faster, so if Naruto can keep up with Raikage then he should be at the same level as both Minato & Goku. You sure your not confusing Instant transmission with the afterimage technique?
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@narutokool112 no, the instant transmission. afterimage is different. but even if they could keep up at the same speed, goku still wins for a thousand reasons. he is just plain stronger than naruto. a better fighter, a more experienced warrior, and with ultimately boundless power at his disposal
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@VinMcCarthy Im not denying the fact that Goku could beat Naruto, or that he has more of an arsenal and experiencen. I'm persobally believe that Naruto could match Goku's speed.
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