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The horoscope today is a lot of fun! You get to be one of the bad guys! First, check to see which villain you are (it corresponds to your astrological sign):
Then check your date of birth to see who you'll be fighting!

And now the million dollar question: Do you think you'd win?

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@JJthealphamale lol you really worked out you scenario. I would def read that comic! Though ok in defense of Squirrle Girl she defeated Thanos and Deadpool she's stealth powerful
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Hmm. I'm gonna have to look her up.
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@shannon15. to be honest I havnt read too many stories with her in it ( I've only read her relationship with wolverine and her run with the new avengers). but that's why I shouldn't jusdge a book by its first or last chapter. lol. thank you for the clarification, I'm definateky going to have to read into her a bit more!
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and thanks for the read on my tangent story. I was kind of just thinking if how eoic that story could be if a cross over would happen!!
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@JJthealphamale lol no worries! She's kind of hilarious but sometimes the writing is inconsistent. Right now she's kind of a quirky more relatable character, in the past she's been super powerful, and then other times she was kind of a joke, so it really varies. And thank you for sharing it haha I really enjoyed it ^_^
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