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Cold and flu season is DEFINITELY upon us. I'm surrounding by sniffles at work, dodging coughers on the street, and trying as hard as I can not to get in the way of anyone's sneeze.

When germs are all around us, how can we stay healthy??

Well, I did a little research and found these 10 easy, surprising tips for beating the common cold (and all those other pesky little bugs) this winter. :)
Don't drink. Alcohol interrupts sleep quality, which can lead to a lower, less robust immune system.
Eat protein. Research shows that a low-protein diet can tire out your immune system. Make sure you're eating high-protein foods like eggs, fish, and nuts throughout the day.
Wipe down surfaces. When you're at the gym, wipe down equipment and mats before use.
Breathe out. When passing someone who's sneezing or coughing, exhale until you're 6 to 10 feet past them. It's simple, but it prevents you from inhaling their germs!
Try zinc. Taking zinc tablets (such as Cold-Eeze) can help your body fight off the common cold more quickly and effectively.
Carry a pen. That way, you don't have to come into contact with all the germs on communal pens. You can even use it to hit the keys on the ATM!
Hands to yourself. Don't touch railings, doorknobs, or elevator buttons, if you can help it. These surfaces aren't cleaned very often, so they're an excellent place for germs to live.
Get your beauty rest. Getting enough sleep is vital to maintaining a strong, healthy immune system.
Sanitize your phone. You place your phone on table tops, drop it on the floor, touch it throughout the day – and you might even use it on the toilet. Clearly, it's bound to get a little dirty. Clean it with a sanitizing wipe a few times a day to keep germs off your face and hands.
Don't touch your face. It's a bad habit that many of us have, but touching your mouth and eyes is a classic way to get sick.
And of course... wash your hands. Carry a moisturizer with you, so you can start routinely moisturizing hands before they get all cracked this winter from over-washing. Then you've got no excuse not to clean those things!

Stay healthy this winter, Vinglers! <3

@JelenaRose No problem, glad I could help! :D <3
Thanks! ♡
@XavierLopez Awww! <3 I'm sorry you're sick! Feel better soon :) Definitely do remember these for next time though!! I try them myself, and they seem to work ^.^
wow, I wish I new a few of these things before I got sick. But I am glad I know now.