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After @KokoroNoTakara made a post about her room I wanted to do my own card! But instead of my bedroom which is literally a bed with clothes all over the floor, I decided to do one of my apartment living room. It's not particularly K-pop looking but oh well ^_^ By the way that's my dog because she was in the room hehe
So this is it as a whole. Ignore the messy table and chair lol. I just hung up a bunch of lights I got for free and turns out I don't need anymore lamps because they are really bright ^_^ CHRISTMAS TREE!
This is a bunch of things from other countries. Most of them I bought in Europe, some I found in thrift shops in the US. A couple were from England given to me by my friend. The oil lamp and circle box are from the Middle East given to me by my dad. I love my trinkets!
My table of random Asian things. Antique teapot and tea cups from Japan, antique bowl from Japan, and why yes, that is indeed an antique statue of a Chinese emperor haha! Oh and a little doll of Nico from the Gangsta anime/manga!
My TV, Pikachu N64, and my wimpy collection of games. Not including my dozen N64 games!
French reprints I bought in Paris, makes the place look classy as fuck!
The best stereo I've ever owned in my life! So loud I only ever turn it to 12 and has major bass booster; sorry neighbors!
Best chair ever; the papasan chair!
The only K-pop decor I have. My, probably fake, signed photos of GD and TOP and BigBang. Bought in my innocent youth, it seemed legit but no idea if they are lol! Either way I framed em nice so they're staying up haha! I'm afraid to find out so I'll stay in limbo wondering if they are or aren't fake. That's why I call them the way I do, probably fake lol.
Thanks for the idea Koko! Hope I didn't bore anyone too much ^_^ BTS gif for good measure!
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I love the tea set