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"His job was to treat him the way he wanted to be treated."
"What he knew of Jude was only what Jude wanted him to know."
These thoughts came from one of my favorite characters in the book, Willem. We've been focusing on Jude the past two cards I wanted to focus my attention towards Willem and discuss how he deals with Jude, and how it effects him personally.

Let's talk about Willem!

"How can you help someone that won't be helped, while realizing that while you don't try to help, then your not being a friend at all?"
What do you think keeps Willem by Jude's side? Do you think being Jude's friend is taking a toll on Jude?
Have you ever had a friends similar, and how did it effect your relationship? How did you support your friend?
This card is part of the Vingle Book Club! We are currently reading A Little Life.
You are so right on that @szewwy Willem doesn't have a family and so does Jude so they are almost family to each other. I do think it does take a toll on Willem's relationship with other people though... Like he doesn't seem to hang out with anyone else (his gf, etc.) because he's so focused on work and Jude. I think that could be a toll. Totally @shannonl5 he's more relatable to me too. Maybe you and @szewwy would make a good pair :)
I am totally amazed at Willem's loyalty. He is consistent even when things are crazy.
I think Willem is still his friend because they've been friends for a long time and they've become family to each other. I think Jude is more guilty, not really "taking a toll in him" . I've never had a friend like this but I'm kinda more like Jude to my friends.
This is so great! I've been finding Willem more relatable lately