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Because there's nothing more lovely than Loki.

1. When he was a child, he wasn't as fast as the other kids.
2. Thor always waited for him. He pretended not to need it.
3. He didn't bring the Chitauri to New York just to get revenge on Thor. It seemed like an impossible victory and he wanted to do the impossible.
4. The movie didn't lie, Black Widow did trick him.
5. He doesn't want Ragnarok to happen, but unlike everyone else he knows it's inevitable.
6. So he might as well have fun, right?
7. His sense of style is trendsetting on Asgard.
8. Books and stories were his closest companions when he was a child.
9. The comics didn't lie either, he definitely gets songs from the musical Wicked stuck in his head every once in a while.
10. He relates to Elphaba. Obviously.
Does anyone else have headcanons they want to share?
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@lovelywhite13 haha can you tell I spend a lot of time thinking about Loki
@shannonl5 yes I can. but that's not a bad thing.
@shannonl5 when I get a chance, I'll post my headcannon. adult things are getting in my way.
@lovelywhite13 oooh awesome, looking forward to it! And no worries, I know what that's like!