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You know what they say, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. But how about when it comes to working out? Well that just depends.
When I used to be an athlete -- a powerlifter, I was doing some serious training. In addition to attending my daily training for strength, I'd also hit the gym a second time during the day to take care of the little things like accessory workouts and getting in some cardio.

But was it too much?

This is when you need to listen to your body's needs. Although I may have been working hard, as an athlete, this was just a normal daily routine. Also, I was making sure I was feeding myself properly. When I was powerlifting, I was consuming about 3,000 calories for body maintenance, increase productivity, and for strength gains.
According to John Mandrola, M.D., it all comes down to two elements: intensity and intention. Two-a-day workouts an be useful, and if used wisely, might lead to safer, more effective training.
Overtaining can be balanced with the mix of high intensity and low intensity, and when they are split up.

Have you ever worked out twice in one day? Or is that something you're currently doing?

And I always say an hour of quality work is so much more effective than two hours of shitty work. When it comes to health, I always say quality > quantity.
I think 2 workouts are good for like combination. So you do cardio to start and later on do weights. On flip side of that if you lift twice in a day for same muscle group, you will get injured.
lol... I feel like I never stop sometimes. We've been training pretty hardcore. Then again, we're used to it. I'm glad you made the point about the food. I definitely have to eat more when training like this. Plus side: I get to eat more yummies! :P
one of my crossfit buddies works out twice a day--first workout is the wod (workout of the day), second workout session she focuses on technique. one of these days I'll make time for 2 daily workouts
Two a days are good if you're an athlete...but I feel like if you're not playing a sport at the collegiate/professional level, one a day should be enough especially if you have to take care of other things in life.
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