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During The Game Awards last week a lot of games got announced but the one that I'm most interested in Telltale's Batman series. Telltale is known for their story-centric adventure games and they've done good work in the past with other properties such as Fables, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones.
They premiered a short teaser for the game (it doesn't show anything about the game, so don't get your hopes up) at the Game Awards and you can check it out below.
The one thing I'm really interested in though is how they'll make the dialogue heavy gameplay work for the Caped Crusader. I'm not really sure what Telltale has planned for the game but I've heard they'll be following Bruce Wayne's story. So maybe a lot of the decisions the player makes in the dialogue will have to do with hiding the fact that Bruce Wayne is Batman.
I don't think that's something that's been explored in Batman games just yet so it'll be interesting to see how Telltale tackles this side of Bruce Wayne. It's also something we usually never see or hear about unless we're closely involved with the source material.
I think it'll be good to experience this first-hand (well, in a way it's first hand). I also think it'll be awesome for fans of the Bat who don't necessarily play video games to finally dip their toe in the metaphorical pool. Telltale Games, I feel, make the perfect games to break-the-ice for non-gamers.
We should see the first episode of the Batman Telltale Series released sometime next year.
@shannonl5 I know there isn't much to go on here but you should check out some of the other telltale games since if you want to experience stuff they make. The Wolf Among Us based on Fables is very very good
Oooh cool!
@paulisadroid oooh thanks for the recs!