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I wrote a more creative thing :) Hope you guys like it! ^_^ Tell me if it's cute, or too mushy gushy...
You are not perfect, I know. But to me, in you lies everything perfection entails, and everything about you is exactly how it should be.
I love the way you understand just about everything. We don’t need as many words as other people do. For much longer than we’ve known each other, our minds have been the same. And now we’ve met and there’s no one I’d rather talk to.
Your face and its lovely lines are indelibly imprinted on the landscape of my mind. Cheekbones sharp, jaw square, eyes hazel. Clever. Your dark brown hair, always windblown, like a cowboy’s, sticks up on one side. Beautiful is a word you deserve.
My head likes to rest on your chest. It’s where I can hear your heartbeat, as constant and steady as you are, marching on as if nothing will ever be wrong. (Except when my fingers stray, and it leaps and bounds.)
You are the smartest, and I am in awe of your mind. I love the thoughts that occur to you, that you share with me, that make me laugh or smile or wonder or think. To me, there is no one more interesting.
You are not perfect, I know. But everything about you is wonderful, and I love you because you are perfect to me.
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@AlloBaber Awww I made you meep 😲
@InPlainSight You did!! ^.^ hehehe. meep meep!
@AlloBaber You're way cuter than the roadrunner
Bahahaha I just saw this. <3 At least I'm not trying to drop ACME safes on your head! Hehehe