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Okay guys, I know that I haven't posted the first chapter for the NamJin fan fiction but I had a mini writer's block and also I'm editing it since I hate what I had written. But @DeniseiaGardner created a game where we write our own stories with some requirements in the story. Sadly, I couldn't submit mine since I was struggling on how to begin my story by writing in an elementary kid's perspective which was hard to write in my case. It's been years being in elementary so my brain couldn't really remember how an elementary kid acts when there's one living in the same roof as me -_- But I thought, "Okay, the game is over @Emealia won (congrats once again!), now what do I do with this story? I can't just delete it after I spent nights thinking how to write the intro!" So now I'm here showing it to you ^_^ This is going to be a chapter story even though the story might end sooner than you think (depends when I finish it since I'm half-way done with the entire story and it won't be too long either. Maybe 2-3 chapters?). So, ready for Chapter one? Here you go!
Edit: Chapter 2

Chapter One

It's my first day of 5th grade year in a school across the country. Who knew that I'd live in an Asian country with no knowledge of the culture and language. But I had to learn everything in less than a month so my Korean isn't that great... My dad walked me to the Principal's office where I saw a boy sitting on a chair. I wonder if it was his first time in this school too? The principal coughed trying to avert my attention from the guy to her. She smiled and was talking about some school regulations that I didn't care of. I was curious about that boy. The way he was positioned to the way he looks, it's strange. It makes me want to learn about him more. My dad elbowed me as the principal glared at me. Why doesn't she want me to even look at him?! She stood up grabbing a clipboard. My dad stood and bid towards the principal as he wished me luck and left. Before I could glance at the boy, the principal dragged me outside of the office and walked me to my class.
She stopped in front of my class and faced me. "I'm not trying to be disrespectful sweetie, but can you please not stare at him again? He's mentally ill and can be dangerous." I don't know what she was talking about? The boy looks kind and normal! "Did you hear me?" I nodded already annoyed. I don't like the principal anymore. She's so mean! The principal knocked on the door and walked in the classroom where everyone stood up and bowed. The principal smiled. As my classmates sat down, everyone looked at me with furrowed eyebrows. Am I the only one from America here? The teacher bowed at the principal who smiled and left. My teacher clapped 3 times getting everyone's attention. She faced me and asked me to introduce myself. My dad's new boss gave me a Korean name and I wasn't sure if I should use that name or my real name. I was in a dilemma. I whispered to the teacher, "Do I say my Korean name or my real name?" The teacher chuckled and whispered back, "Whichever you feel comfortable with." I nodded and announced proudly. "Hello, my name is-" the door opened and the boy I saw in the principal's office walked past me and sat on a chair near a window, the farthest from everyone else. My teacher told me to continue and so I did, again. "Hello, my name is Juana Gabriela Aguilera. But you can just call me Gaby. I was born in Mexico but raised in the United States." The entire class ooh-ed in unison while I saw the boy in the far corner stare out the window. How rude! He doesn't know how to welcome people. Since the class was merely full, she told me to sit near the boy from the principal's office. Some of my classmates told me to be careful with him since he's crazy but I don't think so. He looks fine but lonely... Throughout the entire class, I just stared at the boy who was drawing circles on the class work which I'm sure that's not how you answer the math problems.
The bell rang which meant that we were going to recess. The boy didn't even move from his desk. "Gaby, aren't you coming with us? Let's go play!" I looked at the group of girls and boys. "Can he come?" I pointed at the lonely boy when one of the boys snapped. "Why do you want to play with him? He's stupid! He doesn't even speak Korean like you do! Just leave him alone and play with us who are cooler than him." That made me mad. Why are they so mean to him?! "If he doesn't play with us then I don't play with you all!" The group rolled their eyes and left the class. I heard sniffing and when I turned around the boy was crying. I ran towards him when he pushed me and ran outside of the classroom. I followed him as I spotted him in a different classroom. I tried to open it but he had locked it. "Hey, please let me inside! I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to be mean like those other kids who don't like you. I like you." The door unlocked and slightly opened. I walked inside when the boy hugged me tightly. "I thought you were trying to make them leave so you can hurt me...but you're the only nicest person in this school." I wanted to cry watching him crying thinking that I was going to hurt him. How sad is that. "I will never hurt you. In fact, I want to be your friend!" His eyes got so big that he looked shocked! He never had friends before? "You want to be my f-friend?" I nodded with a smile. I swore that he had one of the most cutest smiles that I've ever seen! "I have a friend! Oh my goodness! Hi friend! My name is Yi Eun Tuan! I'm Taiwanese-American, but you can call me Mark!" He yelled in English as he jumped up and down in excitement. I laughed at how crazy he was. I guess I was right, he never had a real friend. But I'm going to make sure to make him happy! Although, there is something I'm curious about. "Hey, the principal told me that you are mentally ill and dangerous. What does she mean?" His smile disappeared and he frowned, slumping his shoulders. "I came to this school in 3rd grade, because I didn't know a lot of Korean, everyone made fun of me and started bullying me. Every time someone gets near me, I feel like they're going to hurt me and I get mad and start fighting... But I swear I'm not mentally ill or dangerous. People made me like this..." I hugged him and whispered in his ear, "I don't think you're mentally ill or dangerous. You were trying to protect yourself! But you can trust me. I won't hurt you like those other kids. I'm your friend and friends don't hurt each other." I felt his arms hug tightly when the bell rang. I held his hand to protect him from everyone and we walked to class.

End of Chapter One

The chapter is actually shorter than I thought. I don't like to write short chapters. Makes me feel like I'm clueless on what I'm doing TT_TT If you liked this and would like to read the rest of the chapters, make sure to tell me that you would like to be tagged on the upcoming chapters. And also tag your friends if you wish. I don't usually tag people but I'm going to tag a few. @Emealia @kpopandkimchi @poojas @MyasIsNotSexy @B1A4BTS5ever @Exoexo
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