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The other night @shannonl5 appointed me to help her and @amobigbang continue to make our Marvel Community great. ::insert clapping sound here :: I'm the lead of Merc with a Mouths. It's a Deadpool Fandom within the Marvel Community however, I attend to take this opportunity and stretch out not only with Deadpool but other Anti Heroes and Villians as well. They do need to shine lol. Also those two type of characters are my favorite as well. If you love Marvel and the dark side of Marvel as well the Mercs with mouths are for you! Besides who would not want to know random facts about villians and such lol.
Now important information to know, I am not an administrator to the Marvel Community as @shannonl5 is however, I consider myself a Judge.. I uphold my law, @shannonl5 law and Vingle law. I am not bias but as a Judge and a Merc certain things won't fly :: inserts dramatic explosion fx and jumping from a building here:: I am also a helper, if you need help with making cards and have questions you can come to @shannonl5 @amobigbang and myself. I'll be honest, mobile Vingle questions I can answer more of since my computer died on me I use my phone. My phone has led me to typos and all types of random hiccups however, we can get through this together. All I ask from you is if you make deadpool or anti hero Villian based cards tag @lavonyork so I can add it to the collection.
First of all, yeah I'm sick but I wanted to put out something, so excuse my glasses and if I sound off I have an open DM policy, if you're not happy come chat with me, if you are happy chat with me, if your butt itches come talk to me.. Google has got to have an answer . I'm pretty good with answering unless I am under the weather. Then you will receive response lag also this app can be funny too. I'll also be making a kik account for you guys to reach me if the DM is acting up. I like everyone to be comfortable and also if you have tips for me or anything feel free to chat it up with me. Your voice matters to me and Deadpool.
I'm not only found in Marvel Community , I poke my head in the Funny community ::bumper::, DC community, Video Game community, Relationship community and the brand new Supernatural Community! ✨ ✨ ✨ I feel so honored to have this community helping job! I am ready to curb stomp anything ( GoW3 reference) And of course I am thankful for my friends I made in the Vingle community. I also am honored to have you guys as friends. Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous AKA Ms. Deadpool Wilson ♥
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@LAVONYORK haha ... butt
@peahyr I'm living lol but I am grounding myself again as of now. The surgeon ground me earlier today but I was already grounded for weeks so I went on let me feel the breeze short drives to get it out my system lol. Now I have to go back to being driven everywhere 😕
@LAVONYORK Just pretend you're a Queen <3
@peahyr at my last job I had a Queendom and I would ask my Co workers for the password to enter. So I'll do that! Lol 😂😂😂
@gatorchick96 welcome to the Mercs with mouths!