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This may turn out to be a BTS-biased card, but who's complaing? ^^

Now, we have member number three!

(and this is two hours later than intended and I'm supposed to be Skyping with the members but I'm a bad leader already and pray for me ^^).

Name: Jasmin Martinez Age: 17 Birthdate: March 24th Position: Vocalist Ideal type: BTS... That all I have to say lol Oh and also T.O.P and G Dragon!! ♡

Favorite Quote

"You are stronger than you think."

Fun Fact

I'm a goofball and I laugh way too much!

Three Down. Two to go.

Don't panic! Don't lose your head. We're almost there! :3 @TaehyungV @MsLovelyHeart @JasminMartinez @CeilidhHoadley Find the previous two profiles here and here. ^^

Roll Call! ♡

We still haven't settled on a name yet. Anymore ideas? Looking forward to anything in particular from us? Let us know! ^^

Don't want to be tagged anymore? Want to be kept updated? Just comment. ♡
@JasminMartinez Mission accomplished then! I'm glad you like it. 😁😀😙
Aww I love it!! thank you @AmbieB 😆😍😙