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this is sooo messed up!
i was looking at exo pictures and i suddenly found this and im just like... WOAH WTF IS THIS?!? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SECRETLY WISH THEY'D BREAK UP?!? has anyone else also seen this?
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@ArmyofKookie oh no not going to hate u 😂 but yeh ig i agree i mean if the members themselfs feel like they need to break up, then its only up yo them yo do or not to break up 😕 i mean hopefully they dont but it really is only them who can decide
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@JackieG1617 yeah true true. But if SM keeps treating them badly then I kinda hope they move on to better things to be happier, you know what I mean? >_<
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@ArmyofKookie yes! i do as long as they are treated good they should continue making music but if they keep having troubles then i think it would be best if they'd choose another path while still making music 👍
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Tat person is messed up like wtf is wrong wth u u should say I really like EXO and hope that in 2015 thy would stay strong bc we EXO-L's got their bck not bc thy r over worked n want thm to disband like really u need to get ur head checked bc I think u lost ur mind so go somewhere else n look fo yo Brain dumb butt thn come bck n make sure to straiten it out
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@taetaebaozi ohh! true ,good interpretation 😂 haha
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