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Price: KRW 7000 (approx USD 7) Net Content: 7 ml After I bought this liquid eye liner, I compared it to Etude House Oh My Line eyeliner that I originally have at home (refer to the forth picture). On the box, it says "Leport Waterproof". Leport is a Konglish term for leisure+sport (lol). So, let's see how it works :) I just simply drew it on my hand, and apply same amount of Oh My Line too just next to it. Everything looks the same. So let's check the waterproof! I splashed some cold water and both didn't take off! The next thing I did was to scrub my hands. Guess what?? The Proof10 smeared!! My Oh My Line still looked pretty but I can't believe the proof10 smear TT This proof10 is supposed to be waterproof..and they sell it more expensive than Oh My Line..how come it smears? I think you all know my conclusion hehehe. I'd rather choose my old Oh My Line (only $4) rather than the proof10 :(
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@ Avin~I've tried it. It even stays on through my workouts :)
ooh, I really want to try this. I am always looking for eye liner that will stay on. Even the waterproof one comes of on y way to work from sweating, so by the time I get to work, I look like a raccoon T.T