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Does anyone else get physically abused by their heat appliances? I still have a permanent burn mark on one of my feet because I accidentally dropped by flatiron sometime last year.

The beauty struggle is REAL.

I have a small scar on the left side of my chest from a flat iron from back when I was like 14.... I was half asleep when it happened and was getting ready for school... If I remember correctly I went to set it down and ended up placing it on my chest and it took a good 10 seconds to realize what I had just done. 馃槀馃槀
my hair does not comprehend the purpose of a curling iron. "oh like this? no not today that's effort". ponytails...big fan of ponytails and butterfly clips
no but my hair doesn't like to stay curled and that sucks. Even when I straighten it first!
I just had a terrible flashback......Junior year, I slipped the curling iron and burnt my lip. MY FREAKIN LIP. My lips aren't exactly huge targets....and to this day, I'm still not sure of the mechanics of it. I just know I had a huge bubble on my bottom lip....and then a very attractive scab for a week afterwards.
At leats it's better than what people used to have? My my mom was my age she and my aunts would straighten their hair with an actual iron
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