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You wake up and immediately you smile and start jumping around. You remembered that tonight was the night. You're family got you front row tickets to see BTS, you're favorite kpop group. You rush to shower and start getting ready even though it was still 11 am. You head to the kitchen and start to relax yourself when you mom walks in. Mom: "Good morning y/n how'd you sleep " she grinned You: "I could barely sleep at all, I'm so excited for tonight!" Mom: "Good you should be! We didn't spend that money on you to not be happy for it hehe' You: "Thanks again mom you don't know how happy you dad and everyone else has made me" She smiled at you and gave you a big hug.
You were given 2 tickets for the concert and you already had your concert buddy picked. You only knew one person who loved kpop, well BTS, just as much if not more than you lol. His name was Derryck you're best friend since you were a baby, he came out to you as gay in middle school but you didn't care. He came to your aid all the time and his Korean roots actually introduced you to kpop thank god lol. You heard knocking at your door and it was him. He rushed in said hello to your mother and dragged you to your room. Derryck: "Show me what you're wearing for him tonight." He knew you were dressing for Taetae your bias forever, so you showed him. He gave you his approval you stayed and talked about how excited you were until you had to drive off to the concert. ((**I dont know the guy in the pic o it using him to represent derryck no disrespect intended**))
You arrived at the venue of the show, and since you're family was so kind enough to buy you front row tickets you were treated as a VIP. You got to go in first and see the set for everything. You walked through the aisles with such wide eyes and amazement and just though "I am so lucky to be here right now". All of a sudden you bumped into a corner, you check around to make sure no one saw. But as you glanced to your right you noticed someone in the hall giggling at you. You feel so embarrassed until he looked up from his laughter. Derryck was no where, but you were frozen. Taetae was staring right at you. Your eyes met and he just smiled, you stood there for what felt like hours. But was actually a couple seconds, he nodded at you and walked away into the hall. Derryck: "Hey y/n why are you drooling at that hall?!" He screamed from the bathroom. You: "Tae just SMILED at me Der! I bumped into this corner and he was THERE! AM I DREAMING!" Derryck: "Are you high right now?" You found your seat, but kept trying to convince Der your story was actually true, but he refused to believe you.
Finally the venue filled with everyone, and the concert was about to start. Your heart was beating so fast you could barely breathe. You wondered if Tae would see you, and if he did what he'd do. You imagined all these possiblities in your head until the concert started. RM: "Hello LA!" Sugar: "Wassup Wassup" J-Hope: "Yeah Yeah Yeah!!" You screamed looking for V. Finally he came out and their show started, your fav song was being performed live. You sang along best you could and all of a sudden you look up and he's staring at you again. Tae was looking right at you it seemed like he was lost he stopped dancing and just was singing to you it looked like. Then Just one day was playing. He walked towards you and your heart began to race. RM: "Normally we don't do this, but we're going to bring a lucky girl up here for each member and sing to them." Sugar: "So get ready ladies *blows kisses* were coming for you" "omg" you thought as he walked to you. Tae: "Hi, I know you seen me earlier, so could you come on stage with me"His smile was so charming you almost fainted right there. Somehow you got the courage and told him yes.
You walked up on stage and he sat you down in front of him. He started singing and you felt your face turn red. He could see it too, he would smile every time you did, and your heart raced so fast it almost popped out of your chest. When the song finished you were saddened, you wanted to sit there forever with him. He held your hand and kissed your cheek like you were real lovers. You wanted him so bad it almost hurt to look at him. He walked you backstage while the other girls went to their seat. Tae: "Please stay back here I want to talk to you after the show" you nodded in agreement and stayed backstage. As their performance went on you noticed other members staring at you. All you could think about is want was going to happen after the show.
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Amazing! I love it so far! Can't wait for next chapter. ^^
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