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This Is Me!!!! Ugly Right???? I'm just going to first jot some notes *My birthday is February 16 *I'm 5'1 1/2 (#shorterthanwoozi) *I have two siblings - 1 older sister 1little brother *I got into Kpop before the Great Kpop depression in 2014.
Best Friends The taller one is Gabby Lee (kpop friend that moved). The shorter one is Crystal, she absolutely hates kpop... My other friend I Nelly, I don't have any pictures but Ill get some soon.

Small Facts

*I love sing, dance (like rapmon),and to bake! *My goal in life is to become either a marine biologist, marine zoologist, or biomedical engineer. *The only sport I do is Show Choir. *I also love learning which means I love going to school and getting up early(sometimes) *I also love photography (I took the picture up above)

My Kpop Story. (Male Groups)

when I first got into kpop my sister showed it to me I was a total Taeyang fan. then slowly but surely I found EXO I was in love from first listen I started off with Wolf. and that I discovered BTS which was like an amazing experience for me and then as I started turning 14 I started to get into more of a k hip hop feel so when I listen to things like Jay Park still listen to BTS and listen to some dynamic duo and those are my mainly what I listen too. Im also into other groups I listen to SHINee, I listen to Got7, Madtown, I absolutely love Seventeen. how to listen to krnb so I love listening to Zion T,crush. I also listen to girl groups such as 2NE1,F(x), Girls Generation, AOA,TWICE, and APINK.

Well that's all about me!

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Ugly? Don't make me laugh 馃槀馃槀馃槀 You're quite the opposite of that.
You're NOT ugly and I acutally LOLed at the shortthanwoozi thing hahaha
i only have one problem about this. you are a very beautiful girl. dont be so humble lmao :D
You are a lovely young lady. Be more confident and let it shine. Nice to have you join our group.
Hello! It's lovely to have you here! I absolutely love Zion T...I have fallen hard for his music.