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If Kpop Groups Were 90s Pop Songs

Remember the golden age of American pop?

Well they're about to clash with the golden age of Kpop:


Backstreet Boys - Everybody

Monsters and haunted houses? Yep, sounds right up VIXX's supernatural alley. Plus the weird medieval pirate outfits with unbuttoned shirts is definitely something they've worn for Chained Up live shows already...


Destiny's Child - Survivor

BTS is all about screwing the haters, working hard and coming out on top. Plus they're sassy as hell and Suga would look EXCELLENT in a camo crop top.

Big Bang:

Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again

Because what other group would perform on an alien planet in red pleather and have an astronaut deliver a necklace from the Titanic movie all in one music video?


Spice Girls - Wannabe

Because can't you already hear Jackson and Mark screaming "YO I'LL TELL YOU WHAT I WANT WHAT I REALLY REALLY WANT"

Wonder Girls:

Christina Aguilera - Come On Over

Awesome vocals, a song that will be stuck in your head forever, and AMAZING outfits? Yup, that's the Wonder Girls for you.

Girls Generation:

S Club 7 - S Club Party

A song that doesn't actually say anything other than let's party? All the girls are super pretty? The music video is hilariously random? HELLO GG!


N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye

Iconic choreography with insane vocals, the catchiest chorus ever, and a car chase that has Minho's name all over it....SHINee is TOTALLY N'Sync!


BBMak - Back Here

I don't even need to explain - this is 100% Day6 material. I demand a cover of this ASAP!

Jungkook's Single:

Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party

(I totally couldn't think of one for EXO so help me out and leave suggestions in the comments too!)
Exo maybe remind me of Lfo summertime
This makes me feel old. When I was a teen I was definitely into NSync. Though I passed that era and started listening to rock music. I think I got rid of my boyband stuff. (I don't regret it.)
omg you had me jammin to NSync. That was my group. them and spice girls
U Got Me with that GOT7 one. (<_< I do not regret that pun.) I was into NKOTB when I was in elementary (like 8-10 years old, lol) but by the time N'Sync etc came around I was in high school and very much into rock. So I have no clue on 90s groups, lol. Though, NKOTB were technically still around in the early 90s... So I'll just say Step by Step kinda makes me think of SuJu's U. (but only kinda, lol.) Oh man, this was longer than I thought... *runs away before she types more*
@TerraToyaSi I hate American pop these days too. I don't know why I like K-pop but I tossed out my NSync dolls long ago.
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