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*๑ºัั ڡ ºั๑*✧Here are the macarons my sister and I made! We drew some cute faces (: macaron in Korean is... 마카롱(ma ka long) some koreans words to describe these macarons: 디저트 (di jeo teu) dessert 귀엽다 (gwi yeop da) cute 귀여워(요) (gwi yeo weo (yo) cute 큐트 (kyu teu) cute 예뻐(요) ( ye ppeo yo) pretty 이쁘다 (i ppeu da) pretty 와우 (wa oo) wow 좋아 (joh a) like 먹어싶다ㅠㅠ (meog eo sip da) I want to eat ㅠㅠ
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strawberry hmm never tried making that before, but I tried making the raspberry one! how nice you have a macarons place nearby! ! I don't have many places near by me that sell macarons ;'C they're usually really pricey tho for one piece of macaron.... @GenesisZiporrah
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omg yeah they are so like...I haven't bought any recently xD BUT THEYRE SO ADDICITING rycyvihkjn. the place sells them for...ugh I forgot but it was pricey :( a little bit more than the grocery store. I wish they were less but at least they can be made at home xD the ones my mom made were almond flavored
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did the raspberry one work?
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yeah it was scrumptious and omg almond flavor yum, I go nuts for nuts lolz and yeah I wish for lower price but it's because almond flour is really expensive and not everyone is able to make them as well @GenesisZiporrah
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A dessert ? Okay . Still yummy though . I love dessert anyway !
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