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Johnny Football is back!

After a two-game benching for his off-field missteps, Johnny Manziel will return as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Manziel's start is set to come at home against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Cleveland then closes out its season with games against the Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers.
Manziel was demoted to third-team quarterback after being disciplined for his decisions during the team's bye week and because he lied to the coaching staff about a video that appeared of him partying in an Austin, Texas, nightclub.

Do you think the Browns are doing the right thing by letting Manziel start at quarterback the rest of the season?

Is the press blowing this club issue out of proportion?

Best choice for the Browns for sure, but I think they're doing it as a showcase so they can trade him later.
@EvanYannetti That's true...but he's got great natural talent for sure...such a shame to see young players go down the drain because of personal issues.
@mchlyang and lying
Possibly but I'm surprised anyone would want a QB that is known for getting in trouble
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