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Okay, so the other day I was at school and I had headphones in and I was singing along to Got7 If You Do and I started to sing JB part where he sings 니가 하면 다 맞는 말이 돼 when I was (very) rudely interrupted by a fellow classmate. She was pissed because she thought I kept saying the N word and I was like huh??? I was very flustered so it took me forever to realize that she was talking about this word 니가. I tried to explain to her that this music wasn't even in English and that I wasn't saying that but oh my I have very bad social anxiety and social skills so this was terrible. Has this or something similar ever happen to you?? I can't be the only one right!?
My family. 😂 I had to explain the same thing to them. It's not the N word guys. You're not alone. 😁
You are so not alone! My own family thought that I was saying the n word and for all offend and pissy at me lol
I have had people ask me or explain that "it's rude to state that word" but I easily explained what it meant. Most people know I listen to Korean and also tend to let it slide because I am colored