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Hello wonderful anime fam ( waves)! anyways Christmas is coming up and some of you might not know what to get your anime loving friends, boy friend, girl friend ECT so i thought id help and give you some ideas! everyday until December 20th ill make a card showing anime/gamer gifts ideas...i know some people have a time trying to figure out to give so that's one of the main reasons im doing this!
so anyway each card will have 2 gift recommendations!

Anime Decal's for a car, computer, wherever ect

these stickers are strong and durable! one can go on anything! say if you bought a car one but put it on your computer its fine its all the same thing! these stickers are pretty cheep some range from 2- 5$ bigger ones will be more! you can buy these stickers from a ton of places online! there's thousands of different ones so check them out your bound to find an awesome one you like! there's also gamer ones as well!

Anime Blu- Ray /dvds of the seasons/ anime they love!!

Ok i don't think this product should need much explaining!
Anyway the prices varies when it comes to anime. the price will varie by time it was created, how many episodes, if you buy a set or not and how popular it is!
Say if you found an anime made in 2001 that has like 7 seasons and its 20$ but you find an anime from 2014 and its 30$ for a single season that is what i mean some newer shows will cost more depending on how popular they are , year ect.
check out their website to see if they have the anime you or a friend may want: http://www.blu-ray.com/
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I've got the Fairy Tail guild symbol on my car and I freaking love it!! It makes me smile every time I walk past my car!