*Warning of a few curse words and Yuri*
Sarang Pov: Amber was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and I took the kids home quickly. *Home* " Sarang, what's wrong? " Yongguk-ssi said while holding a crying Taemin. " M-my friend ... I saw her wet and almost got hit by a car. " I said feeling like an anxiety attack coming but I tried hiding it. Breath..... Breath " Unnie stupidly but coolly saved the guy and he collapsed in her arms. Unnie is that your boyfriend? That oppa was good looking" Haru asked and I was pulled out of my anxiety with her comments. " N-o Sarang, it was a girl." I said chuckling hiding my anxiety. " Oh , so its just a friend? Good." me and Yongguk-ssi looked at her confused. " U-um Yongguk-ssi? " " Ah ne? " he said still patting a now calmed Taemin. "C-can you take me to the hospital? " I asked. " Of course . " he said getting his keys and drove us to the hospital where Amber resides. * Hospital* I rushed to the room where they told me Amber was. I saw her laying there hoosaup to a an IV and a few bandages. A doctor was checking her status and I walked up to her bed. " H-how is she ?" I asked looking at a sleeping Amber. Now that I have a closer view she had a few scars on her face that I swear wasn't there when I met her. " You must be Jagi? The girl she's be calling for since she got here." the doctor looked at me. " A-ah ne. I'm Sarang." I said bowing. He smiled, " I'm doctor Lee. Amber should be fine now but she has been beaten up pretty badly ." " Beaten up? What?" I looked at her sadly. What could've happened? "Yes, she has been beaten up to a pulp. A few broken and bruised ribs and a few cuts and bruises. She fell from too much stress on her body and not eating for a few days." the doc said. Not eating for a few days? Broken bones? Bruises? Who did this to you Amber? I felt warms tears fall as I looked her sleeping. " Where's her guardians? " I asked . " We called many of times but no one answered. " the doc said sadly. " oh oppa get well. " I said kissing her cheek. " I'll be back soon and the others can come in if they want. " the doctor said leaving the room. I sat next to her bed and looked at the sleeping figure in front of me. What could've happened in these short 2 days? Who would do this to her? "Why are you so worried for? I'm pretty sure she don't give a shit about you." my thoughts laughed. Shutup can you? It laughed again. " Aurghhh" I saw Amber trying to sit up. " Don't move you can make your ribs heal weirdly. " I said pushing her down gently and raising her bed a little. " J-jagi?" She said looking at me. " Ne , Oppa?" I chuckled putting her stray hair behind her ear. She smiled at me sweetly which made my face warm up. "Oh now what your gay now? " The smile on my face disappeared .... Just shutup for now please. Just for this moment...... " I'm sorry " She sadly chuckled. " Why are you sorry? There's no reason for you to be." I said looking at her questioningly. " We just met and I already cause you to worry. My poor jagi ~" she painfully chuckled. " I mean as soon as you gave me the name jagi you should've known that I was going to be here. You're stuck with me no matter what. " I said sticking up my fist and she laughed with a whimper. " A-are you okay?" I asked . " What does it look like? Stop making me laugh pabo ~" she smiled at me again. We sat in a comfortable silence while she held my hand for a couple of minutes. I notice she really does look like a nice looking guy but then again her face is so pretty. " I see you don't stutter much anymore." she said randomly. I kind of notice that also .I'm not stuttering with her anymore. " Because we're friends so there's no need to be scared to talk to you anymore. " I chuckled. comfortable? why? she's gonna hate you later.... shutup...please " You was scared of talking to me?" She quirked her eyebrow , "I knew it! You fell for me the second you looked at me huh? Was it my looks? My charms? " she cheekily smiled. I felt warmth rise up to my cheeks , " No pabo. It's not like that . " I pouted. " Okay okay~~ " She chuckled again earning another whimper of pain. " God, what happen-" " Ah... Sarang may we come in?" I heard a deep voice call my name from the door. I looked at Amber for permission and she nodded her head. I saw the kids run towards me with a cute get well teddy and Yongguk-ssi was holding some flowers. " Me and the kids got you some get well presents at the hospital shop. It's not much but i hope you'll like it.My name is Yongguk , this is Haru and this is Taemin. We're Sarang's host family. Nice to meet you. " Yongguk said giving her the flowers. " Oh Thank you. You didn't have to do this.I'm Amber, Sarang's boyfriend and classmate" she smiled. " Yahh ! You're not my boyfriend . You're a girl. " " Opps i mean her new friend. She loves me but wont admit it. " She whispered and the kids chuckled. Yongguk just sat there confused but amused. " Well, we want to make you heal quicker Hyung!" Taemin cutely bounced. " Minnie she's your Noona. " I laughed and he pouted. " But you call her Oppa so why can't i call her Hyung? " still cutely pouting and everyone chuckled. " Sure little guy, you can call my Hyung. " Amber chuckled as Taemin bounced in victory. " Merong~~~ " He stuck his tongue at me and I picked him up flew him around. " You little ~~ Say sorry~" I said hanging him on my shoulder. " Never ~~" and i started tickling the little fluff ball and Haru joined in tickling me. " Yah, Haru I thought you was on my side. " I laughed and I heard a deep chuckle from behind grabbing Haru . " I gotcha backup Sarang" Yongguk-ssi said taking haru and tickling her . The room was filled with laughs. Amber just watched laughing and directing minnie how to attack. " No fair Oppa ! I thought you was on my side!!" I said pouting and Amber chuckled . " No Minnie has my heart. " she said. " Minnie get her side!" she happily cheered. " Yah~~ " I said picking Minnie up and setting him on shoulder and he wiggled happily. Haru tickling her father. " Hey~~~!!" we all stopped and looked at the person who interrupted the fun. " Quiet down. This is hospital~~ people are resting. " The doctor scolded and we bowed as he left. As soon as we left everyone broke out laughing breathlessly. " I wish I could have a family like you guys. " Amber said with a smile but I sensed sadness. " Well, since you two are practically married then you are family!~~" Minnie squealed happily. " Stop it Minnie they're just friends. " Haru said seriously. Yongguk chuckled deeply. " How about this... Since your a friend of Sarang and Sarang is family then you're family too. " Yongguk-ssi said sweetly and Amber smiled with a thank you. * a few hours pass* * Amber and the kids asleep* " We should get going it's getting late. " Yongguk-ssi said holding a sleeping Taemin in his arm. I looked at Amber's sleeping face realizing that even though we had fun today I still haven't asked her what happened. " I-I'm thinking of s-staying with her tonight. If... that's okay?" I asked a bit scared . " You sure? " Yongguk -ssi asked and I shook my head. " Okay, you can stay with her. I'm sad i wont taste your breakfast tomorrow but we can manage." we chuckled. " Goodnight Sarang. " he said patting my head . I blushed a little and he chuckled. He picked Sarang up and left home. " Amber..." I said looking at her sleeping. Yongguk PoV * Home * * Kids in rooms* " Ahhh~~ a long day~~" I said taking a sip of some beer I got from the fridge. I sighed as I look at nothing thinking..... Is Sarang and that Amber guy.. I mean girl actually dating? I mean the way they look at each other says so. I don't have nothing against of course ! I believe everyone deserves love but I mean... I don't know. I think I'm loosing it. " Yeobeo Yeob~~~" I hear a stumbling voice come through the door..... she's drunk. " Hara~~ Why did you drink? You know you can't handle it well. " I said walking her through the door to the couch. " Ya' knuuu wha I cant~ handwel ? " She said drunkingly. " What?" I said getting up getting some water and some pills. " Youuuu n dem damn brats. I hate you all~~ I don want to be here~~ " she flail herself out on the couch. " You~~ you only care about dem..... Wahta bout me huh?" She said . " They are our kids Hara. I have to take care of them since you can't" I said bitterly forcing her to drink the water. She sips the water " I didn't want them in the first place dammit . You & your dumbass parents wanted them " I held my tongue knowing she was stabbing at a really tender spot. I wanted to go off but she's drunk..... " Dyyyying wist? My asshh . " She said laying down on the couch. " Stop it ..... You know how important my parents were to me...." I said . I shakenily runned my hands through my hair. " bla bla bla You care so much about other people but not me? Who's next ? Sarang? You gonna love her more than me? " I looked at her in awe. " I love you ... I love you so much but you hurt me so much Hara. You only care about yourself!! Me cheating on you with Sarang? You got to be kidding me? You cheat on me daily and you mention a mere child? God you're fucking sick . " I said walking towards my room but i saw Haru... " I-I knew she never wanted us....." Haru looked blankly forward. " H-Haru ..." I said going towards her. " No appa ! She doesn't deserves us or you! " she cried out with her face redden with anger. " Ha! Ya f-fucking brat . I don't deserve what? I fucking madeu you so show me respect!" Hara walked towards us. " Why should I?!" " Haru~" I said softly. " No appa no she's a monst-" slap. My eyes opened widely at what just happened. " Resspect me ya little brat!~" I quickly pulled Hara away . " What the hell are you doing!" i screamed at Hara and she smirked and left the house. i sighed and looked to a still shocked Haru. " I want Sarang!~~~ " Haru cried. " H-haru she's not here . She'll be here tomorrow. J-just go to bed, okay?" I said hugging her. " A-appa I hate her. I don't care how much you say you love her and that's she's my Umma. She doesn't ...... she doesn't care about us... we just her publicity cover appa. W-why can't you see that?" she cried into my shirt. I knew ... I knew it so well but i can't..... I just can't. " Haru...."
Appa.... leave her. Find someone better!" she said letting me go and going into her room. I went to my room and laid there..... What am I going to do? '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's a new chap guys!! im sorry for no updates the last few days , was busy with some stuff . The chapter is shorter than usual but i hope you guys enjoy the fluff. do you ship Sarang and Amber? They are so cute!~~~'
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