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Attention, all Vinglers! I'd like to announce a very special event hosted by the Funny Community just in time for the holidays.

Chances are you've found a whole new 'ohana' here on Vingle!

How about spreading the holiday spirit by sending them a Vingle Christmas message?

Here's how!

Step One: Find a Christmas card or holiday-themed image that reminds you of them.

Step Two: Put the image in a Vingle card titled something like "My Vingle Christmas Cards".

Step Three: Write a holiday message for your friend - and don't forget to tag them!

Step Four: Continue adding 'Christmas cards' to the card for every friend you want to send a message to. Then add it to the Funny Community!

So who's ready to spread some Christmas cheer all up in this mug?

hold on let me make some friends first.I'll be back 馃憤
sounds fun lol
@LAVONYORK I was making a card yesterday that was all funny greeting cards, and I realized a lot of them reminded me of specific people I talk to n here, so I figured it was easier than sending these all snail mail style lol.
@danidee awesome 馃檶馃檹
@ebethoven I will be your friendddd.. and some other peeps. I promise.
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