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Attention, all Vinglers! I'd like to announce a very special event hosted by the Funny Community just in time for the holidays.

Chances are you've found a whole new 'ohana' here on Vingle!

How about spreading the holiday spirit by sending them a Vingle Christmas message?

Here's how!

Step One: Find a Christmas card or holiday-themed image that reminds you of them.

Step Two: Put the image in a Vingle card titled something like "My Vingle Christmas Cards".

Step Three: Write a holiday message for your friend - and don't forget to tag them!

Step Four: Continue adding 'Christmas cards' to the card for every friend you want to send a message to. Then add it to the Funny Community!

So who's ready to spread some Christmas cheer all up in this mug?

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@DawanaMason No problem! :D
2 years ago·Reply
Question, what if you want to make it funny and to either add anime or kpop to the Christmas card?
2 years ago·Reply
OoOooo good question, @CreeTheOtaku. Just send it to anime and kpop. I won't be mad. Pinky promise.
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks cause I'm about to do three for anime, funny and kpop
2 years ago·Reply
!!!! Yayyyy!
2 years ago·Reply