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Urgency, ladies! Check out three variations of the brand's iconic "Dolly" pumps from Jimmy Choo! These are the must-have Fox Fur Pom Pom pumps that come in either ballerina flats or the almost-four-inch heel. Glitter on a shoe has never looked so damn hot!
I saved the best of these LAST! Keep scrolling.
Seen here is the Dolly Heel in Navy, $995.
Dolly Flat in Navy, $895.
Dolly heel in Black, $995.
Dolly Flat in Black, $895.
Dolly Flat in Silver, $895.
MY FAVORITE!!!!!! Ladies, this is the Dolly Heel in Silver...and it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!! $995.
Which style would you wear, and what color?! Aren't you GAGGING over these beauties?!
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@jordanhamilton Our obsessions unite! lol. Silver is my favorite though.
2 years ago·Reply
cute... but pricey... silver I agree @marshalledger
2 years ago·Reply
make it a must-have item on your Christmas list. @jazziejazz
2 years ago·Reply
Yessss! I totally agree & the silver is my second favorite for sure
2 years ago·Reply
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