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Who else has seen this show!? It's absolutely amazing. I have been a huge volleyball since I was middle school, and the way this anime portraits the game is phenomenal! I highly recommend it if you haven't watched, or heard of it. Go, go, go!
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awesome anime
@literateprimate I'll definitely check it out! Thank you for your recommendation.
@literateprimate Sounds like Kuroko no basket for volleyball.
No worries, like I said, I do the same thing. But I'm glad you took it as I meant it. I'm not sure if you read manga as well, but if you do you should check out 'Harigane Service.' It's also about volleyball but goes through the perspective of a relatively weak player who has a particular talent. I think you'd like it.
@literateprimate lol yeah I got to carried away there. It happens a lot, where my fingers, or pencil do not keep up with my mind, and I end up doing a bunch of typos haha
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