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The first time I watched Dan and Phil and they were together like this the next thing I thought was 'hey they remind me of the Hitachiin brothers'. Many video's later of watching these two lovely beautiful ,excuse me handsome, men my brain started confusing the two. One day watching one of Dan's videos my brain decided to be like "HAHA jokes on you that isn't Dan that's Phil" so I paused the video and stared at Dan for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.
Later I found out my brain just wants to play the which one is Hikaru game but with Dan and Phil. Thing is I don't know if I like it or not.
Well if there is anyone esle that thinks that they look like these twins or whatever I'm going for then tell me. And Dan and Phil if you see this don't judge to harshly I'm not to creepy or crazy I swear I just love what you guys do and I see these things and I ponder at them.
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