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Okay, anyone and their mothers know that Leo is forever my one true bias, and I will LOVE him till this world dies and then some
Cha Hakyeon...where do I begin with this man. ( ͒˃⌂˂ ͒)
He is super sexy, but also super silly. He is so passionate for what he does, and he's almost at the top with Leo. AND MY FRIENDS IS SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT HOW MUCH THIS MAN IS IMPORTANT.
Anyways, to the actual point of this card. N is in the Bachelor Party show, and the segment that really shows our leaders charismatic side are the BEST things ever.
They have me squealing like a little girl, and me wishing I was the girls he was flirting with. щ(ಥДಥщ)
All the girl groups that are guests squeal and say his portrayals are the best. And I agree! Each scene is so cheesy, but I would die to take any of those girl's places.
I provided some videos for you all to enjoy <3
Also tagging the two N lovers @kpopandkimchi @kelseyblair ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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UGH this card brightened up my day SO MUCH thank you
See this is why I love VIXX so much, it's so hard to pick and choose one bias out of the group, because stuff like this always changes it for me. ARGGGGGGHHHH!!!!! WHY CHA HAKYEON, WHY MUST YOU BE SO PERFECT!?!
I'm not surprised at how romantic and cute he was. I should know my husband's charms haha jk but I love how they made the name Cha-mantic. Glad I woke up to this. Thanks girl! It was wonderful to see how he treats girls.
@kpopandkimchi You're welcome! I'm glad it had such an impact on you too. It made my whole day better too. And since it brightened my day, I wanted to share that with everyone else so they can enjoy his gloriousness! xD
my heart beat so fast what is this feeling lol
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