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(Herroz!! I wrote *Dj Khaled Voice* another one.)
"Why did you have to drag me along to do your Christmas shopping?" I whined to my best friend, Yeon-Hee. "Because you weren't doing anything other than mopping around and being emo and I need help buying my mom something for the hoidays. You know how she gets when I get her something she doesn't like." My friend defended. I sigh, remembering the birthday fiasco two weeks ago. "Whatever....and I wasn't being emo." I couldn't help not wanting to go out. I have just moved here to Korea not so long ago and I was kinda feeling homesick. I missed all my friends back in Minnesota but being here with Yeon-Hee made it okay. And....I kinda sorta have a crush on a guy at school..... His name is Minhyuk. He is kinda popular (okay...REALLY popular) but he doesn't let the popularity go to his head. He talks to me every when we're in class. He sits with me and Yeon-Hee at lunch. He is sweet, down-to-earth, and funny. I really like him. "Are out day-dreaming about Minhyuk again?" Yeon-Hee asks, teasingly. "What?!? No!" My cheeks redden. "Yes you are...and speaking of the devil," she starts; pointing to the distance. I look up to see Minhyuk working at the local coffee kiosk. He has on the red apron and the red cap. He looks focused but flustered. I wonder why. MINHYUK POV: Why is she here?!? She can't see me in my work clothes. She'll think I'm a dork....damn!! I had just gotten her a present today and I was wondering how I was going to give it to her. I was making a mocha frappuccino for an older lady when I spotted (Y/N) being dragged by her friend, Yeon-Hee. (Y/N) looked resistant. Then she looked over and saw me, I looked away and went back to making the drink. Please don't notice me...PLEASE!! "Oh...hey, Minhyuk-oppa." I heard Yeon-Hee say; her voice getting closer. I look up to see her walking over to me, with (Y/N) trailing her. "Oh...uhh, h-hey guys. What up?" I fix my hat and look at them. "OH nothing much. Just doing some Christmas shopping. (Y/N) here has been giving me a hard time," Yeon-Hee told me. "....she wanted to be emo today." She 'whispers' to me.  I couldn't help but laugh. I see (Y/N) cover her face self-consciously. She shook her head at her friend. I loved how easily embarrassed she gets. She's like me in that way. "So what are you doing here? I didn't know you worked here." (Y/N) said. "Oh yeah... I started working here not too long ago. Probably about a month ago." I told her. She nods and listens intently as I start to tell her the funny way I got hired. Let's just say it involved a seven year old kid, two similar looking teddy bears, and a caramel macchiato. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. She laughed at the story and I couldn't help laughing too. She was just contagious like that. Whenever she smiled, I did too. "Uhh. I'm gonna leave you guys alone to talk and I'm going to be in the store over there." Yeon-Hee says to (Y/N). "Okay. I will see you in a little bit, yeah?" She replies to her. Yeon-Hee nodded and walked off. (Y/N) and I talked for a while longer until I as called back to work by my supervisor. "I gotta go." I say solemnly. "Oh? Yeah. Sorry for keeping you from your work." She looks sad. "Oh don't apologize. I liked talking to you. Oh and..." I reached down and pick up the small wrapped gift I got her for Christmas. I hand it to her and her eyes go wide. "Oh....Minhyuk. I didn't get you anything." She looks guilty, holding the small box in her hands. "Don't worry about it. Just promise me you'll open it when you get home." I say. She nods and smiles slightly, a blush making its way to her cheeks. "Well, I'm gonna go now. Tell me what you think of the gift." I say, turning back around and getting back to work just to hide my own blush. In my peripheral vision, I see she nods and turns around, to walk off. I sigh and pray that she likes it. YOUR POV: I can't believe he gave me a gift. I still feel bad for not giving him something but....I can't stop smiling. After a day of shopping with Yeon-hee, I walk into my house and up to my room. Once I'm in my room and out of my coat and gloves, I start to open the box. Carefully pulling the strings loose and unwrapping it. I open the box and inside lay a small intricate charm bracelet. I gasp at the beauty of it. It was white gold and had small charms on it. An ice cream cone (I love icecream), a sandal (my favorite season is summer), my initial letters and a cute little heart with the words 'Forever and Always' engraved in it. I felt tears make their way to my eyes. It touched me that he actually listened. I look at the box again an saw a small note. Taking it out, I unwrapped it and read what it said.
-Hey, (Y/N). I know we talk to each other and you may not think we are very close friends but your friendship means so much to me. So much to where...I want to be more than friends. I have liked you for quite some time. Ever since your first day here actually. What with you being so open minded and considerate of others; I was immediately drawn to you. I hope you will accept my feelings and consider going on a date with me on Saturday. If not, I totally understand. If so, please text me at ×××-××××. I hope to hear from you. With love: Minhyuk.-
I smiled extremely hard at this letter. This was so sweet. I couldn't wait to text him. I grabbed my phone and punched in his number. -Hey. It's (Y/N).- My phone beeped with an incoming message. --Oh hey, (Y/N). So....did you read the note?-- I typed a message back. -Yeah....I did.- Phone beeps. --So...what do you say? Would you like to go out? With me?-- I smile at how awkward he sounded even through text. -Of course I would!!! I'd love too!!- I smiled to myself. --Great!! So...I will pick you up at 7 on Saturday?-- I send back a messgae. -Sounds like a date.- I placed my phone down and sighed happily. It beeped again. --Looking forward to it.....and, Merry Christmas (Y/N)♡-- I felt my face warm as I read the message. It is a merry Christmas. Very merry indeed.
(I'm so sorry. That was bad. Who says 'indeed' now-a-days? Who says 'now-a-days?'? I worry myself sometimes.)
this was so adorabe!!😊😊
lol cute and I still say it but I'm old so yeah...
aww it was so cute!! I love it