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The internet... is FULL of surprises.
Everyday something unique goes viral on the web. Sometimes I wonder "How am I so late to this party?" Sometimes I think "Man, where did THIS come from?"
Today I'm going with the latter.
For the past few months, a woman has been posting videos to a BreadFace Instagram account. People are taking notice, passing on the word. Upon watching the video, a couple things come to mind:
1-Did you see how many bread choices this girl has on deck? She has to live in Whole Foods.
2-Is she punching her face into a kaiser roll while the docile sounds of "Waterfalls" by TLC float in the background?
3-Is that Challah bread she's smashing her cranium into? That bread looks delicious and nutritious!
I don't know whether to be confused or amazed. Is this art? Is this going over my head? I'm not sure which emotion should be leading the way here, so I'll let my fellow Vinglers decide which way we go on this one.
Za'atar bread is legit. I like this girl's style.
@danidee You're on to it...I'd tune in!!
@danidee Maybe you can launch a rival website....danidee smashes her face into root vegetables.
@InPlainSight Yes. Yes, of course. No questions asked.
@danidee would you be her bread face smashing cohort?
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