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Hello, fellow members of the Extraordinary League!

A lot has been going down the past couple days as far as fan activity on here, so I just wanted to be able to throw some shout-outs out.

(Also, if you are a part of this club, you are officially a LEAF now. League of Extraordinary Archer Fans = LEAF. All of us, collectively, as a family = LEAFs. Cool? Okay.)
First, a quick welcome to our new members: @JanaeSelph @Perpetua77 @ALEXCAMACHO and KingDragneel91! Welcome to the crew!

Have you done TylerDurso's Archer fan challenge?

Fellow LEAF member @TylerDurso created a special Archer-themed challenge just for us. What's your all-time favorite episode? Tell everyone about it in a card - and don't forget to tag him once you're done!

Can you guess which character said these quotes?

@LAVONYORK made an awesome 'Guess Who?' game with some of her favorite quotes from the show. @Emmi handled that stuff and pretty much answered them all like a champion, but do YOU know who said the quotes? Check out her card and see for yourself.

Fandom Crossover: 'Archer' vs. Marvel?

Who do you think Archer would be if he was in the Marvel universe? How about Lana or Pam? Marvel moderator (and fellow LEAF) @shannonl5 made a pretty awesome card about who she thinks would end up as what. Does her theory line up with yours?

If you end up making an 'Archer' card that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to tag me in it so I can add it to our official collection!

Man it feels great to have a group like this. All my friends are lame and haven't seen archer (except one) you guys also make me feel so special tagging my card in here.
@MissB82 Bahahaha, that happens to me with different TV shows too.
@MissB82 lol it's the honeymoon phase! Haha it just keeps getting better though this show rocks
Oh my goodness!! I'm a slow starter & only newly into (Season 2 ATM) it. Hooked & in the 'Where have you been all my life?!' haze. Lol.
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