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OMG! Have you seen this Bulgari Pendant-Necklace? It goes up for auction TOMORROW, December 9th in New York at Sotheby's. It's estimated take is set between $25,000 and $35,000. So, what is this epic beast comprised of anyhow?
You're staring into the heart of a magnificent citrine, halo'd by diamonds, sapphires, set in 18k gold. It's from a private collection, from the estate of the late Adele G. Bergreen. The sunburst design could almost be a portal into another dimension, it's so large and mesmerizing!
I am sharing this statement piece with you all because if you're ever in a jam, wondering what to wear, that isn't the same old tired jewelry in your possession, look to the auction houses to get a glimpse of what's in vogue. Statement jewelry has been around for centuries, yet has become pretty common since the late, late 90s, till now.
The resurgence in jewels and jewelry from the past has modern creations mimicking the style and elegance of eras gonebye. Therefore, make an effort to creep to the edge of your comfort zone this wedding season and try on a statement piece of jewelry that will make you look like a million bucks!
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