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So I was trolling on Instagram. I went to LuHan's Instagram and was looking at who he was following. Just to see who the interesting people are that he follows. It warms the heart when you see something like this....
Screen shot of who LuHan is following. It must be recent because the last time I trolled his account, he wasn't following them.
Currently, the only one following LuHan back is Yixing (Who is also following Tao).
So has anyone listened to "Lu", yet? It's a dirty little piece of work but I like it dirty. So it gets a double thumbs up from me. It amazes me that fans forget that he's a 25 year old MAN. Come on, people... but anyway, Enjoy! (edit- the last photo, the mag cover, it reminds me of SeHun's Mnet Shinwa 'YO!' https://youtu.be/CsQmvSVdSbc ....sorta)
@CreeTheOtake I can't stop watching Lu... When people are taking tho me, all I hear is 'Ooh OOh, I'm just trying to get you in the mood'
@DestineeLiu Maybe they just needed time. And one day SeHun will follow the others. @Jiyongixoxo Mama Suho would be shocked but supportive, lol I hope, like a good mama should be
Its good too see that there's no hard feelings(I hope). I'm pretty sure out of all the boys, I think Sehun is the only one that isn't following anyone at all. And In all honesty I died when I heard Lu.
I'm so glad that they at least seem to be on good terms?
I closed my laptop when I heard "Now blow it like flute" @Matokokepa
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