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**Credit to kpopviral.com for the article** Q: In 2015, what made you feel that you have grown? RM:「When we achieved 1st on the music show. I thought ‘wow~ we’ve grown’.」
 JIN 「When I uploaded my singing cover of『Mom』, I was happy that I could thank my parents through my covers.」
 SUGA:「I feel that we’re growing every time we have a concert. Each time, I feel different.」 
J-HOPE:「When I was composing for the album『화양연화 pt.1』 which was released in Korea.」
 JIMIN:「I think that my heart has changed. I don’t feel as ‘tough’ as before.」
 V:「Our performance is getting better.」
 JK:「I thought that I haven’t grown, but I checked my height recently and I have grown 1cm taller!」 

Q: Who do you think is the most active member in 2015? RM:「Jimin. This year, Jimin is gaining a lot of attention!」 
JIN:「Rap Monster. He’s well known, so he has been making the group name widely known too.」
 SUGA: 「Rap Monster. He was active on TV shows and he seemed like the busiest.」 
J-HOPE:「Rap Monster. He released his first mixtape, had solo activities, as well as taking care of the group. He’s going through a lot of hardship.」
 JIMIN:「Jungkook. He’s the most active inside the dormitory. He’s always messing with me, it’s fun.」 
V: 「Jimin, because he’s the shiniest on the stage and he’s gaining the attention. He’s the coolest!」 
JK:「Rap Monster. He also filmed a CF by himself, the most active☆」
Q: The happiest moment in 2015? RM:「When we won 1st place with『I NEED U』on the music show in Korea.」
 SUGA:「All of the concerts. If I had to talk about memories, it would take ages just talking about the concerts (laughs).」 J-HOPE:「When we won 1st place with『I NEED U』. Because it was our first 1st place so we were really happy!」
 JIMIN:「There are so many, so it’s hard to pick one to talk about. Happiness is when I’m standing on the stage, when I’m playing games with the members and even when I’m eating food. ♥」 V:「Of course it’s achieving 1st place with『I NEED U』.」 JK:「When I did bungee jumping for a broadcast. But when I did it, it was at night, it was too dark to see anything… it’s a pity… (laughs)」 Q: Biggest personal news in 2015? RM:「The release of my first mixtape『RM』in March. I hope that everyone can give it a listen!」
 JIN:「I didn’t have to retake any of the examinations in University. It’s great~ (claps)!」
 SUGA:「1st place with『I NEED U』is the biggest personal incident.」 J-HOPE:「We are chosen as the best Korean act for the 『MTV EMA 2015』is the biggest news!!」
 JIMIN:「I’ve lost my abs. It’s completely gone so now it became a lovely belly (laughs).」 V:「1st place with『I NEED U』!」
 JK:「Now we have a place to compose inside the dormitory. When I want to compose, I can immerse myself into it so it’s a personal news!」 Q: In 2015, what are you most obsessed with? RM:「I’ve had a lot of solo activities this year, so I keep thinking “how can I do well by myself?”」
 JIN:「I’m into TV games.」 
SUGA:「Furniture. When we moved dormitory, we bought some and the sofa is my favorite. The design is nice.」
 J-HOPE:「Dancing. This year, I’m going back to my original intention and once again researching into dance.」
 JIMIN:「Finding a hobby. I haven’t found a hobby yet.」 
V:「I’m collecting shoes.」 
JK: 「Covering other artists’ songs. Right now, my favorite is Ra.D’s『I’m in love』.」
Q: The most memorable moment, when you’re interacting with the fans in 2015? RM:「When we won 1st place with『I NEED U』, our fans from all over the world were happy and cried with us.」 JIN: 「I couldn’t look straight at girls’ eyes but when we were promoting『I NEED U』, I wanted to fix that and challenged myself. Now I can look at fans’ eyes for more than 3 seconds!」 
SUGA:「Meeting the fans at concerts is the happiest moment.」 J-HOPE:「Interacting with them on SNS was fun.」
 JIMIN: 「Through the interaction with our fans, I felt that there are so many genuine fans.」 V:「When we have concerts.」
 JK:「When I recommended songs on SNS but the response wasn’t as good as I thought it would be… (laughs).」 

Q: To do list for 2015? RM:「There are a few big music shows in Korea. I want to us to win 1st place on all of them. That’s our homework.」 JIN:「To learn languages and master in guitar. I’m asking Jungkook to teach me since he’s good at playing the guitar!」
 SUGA:「To safely end the arena concerts in Japan.」
 J-HOPE:「Same with Suga hyung - 화양연화 on stage.」
 JIMIN:「Dancing and singing practice, and I want to play basketball and go on trips together… there are so many things to do!」
 V:「To get a driving license. 」
 JK: 「Me too, a driving license. My goal for next year!」
This is so cute! Jimin's answers are all so adorable and Jungkook is SO random ahhaha
JIMIN:「Jungkook. He’s the most active inside the dormitory. He’s always messing with me, it’s fun.」I ship it! 💕😏
JK:「I thought that I haven’t grown, but I checked my height recently and I have grown 1cm taller!」 This kid....lmao
You don't know how happy this makes me. I read somewhere that so called "ARMY's" had stopped following them because Jimin lost his abs. I'm so happy that he accepts himself and doesn't care what those people think. Plus his belly is 💞💞💖 no matter what❤️💓💕💘
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