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Tough one. Genetically modified human with nano machines that make him able to level a city at 80% power while having the powers of a vampire and an angel and cause him to feed on vampires......vs. the ultimate vampire. I have to say that this one would all come down to how they fought. Guns would be pointless since they are both excellent shots and both can heal... Abel is a priest though...hmm. If Abel just tries to straight out brawl Alucard he will lose, but if he goes full power and uses the holy items he carries with him he would win by the skin of his teeth. Either way it would be a close fight
Oh hell...This is tough.
Oh jeez. Love both anime series. Well, I Abel Nightroad is a Crusnik that feeds off of vampires, while Alucard has millions of souls plus being very powerful when given an order to kill. Abel can use lightning while in his Crusnik form, which can trouble Alucard some while he has his magnum pistols, he also has his powers as well. But if I'm gonna choose, I'll say Alucard. Why? Well, its only because of his ability to heal at any given time thanks to his millions of souls that he devoured in his years
@mattlk94 well a guy has to know these things if he is gonna be King of the Otaku lol. But seriously, thanks for the compliment. :)
depends on which version of Allucard and if Abel is full power I think
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