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I just want to say how happy and proud I am to be a baby and army. Ive been with both groups from the start and both groups are 2 of my main fandoms. Im really proud to see how much BTS has matured and how much they have achieved I remember the days where I would get so upset because BTS wasnt getting as much recognition when clearly they deserved it. Now look at them winning on music shows and slaying album chart sales. And for B.A.P im also extremly happy to see that even after all the haitus they came back stronger than ever, and have also won awards on music shows. Love these two groups very much and I hope they continue to triumph. I would also love to see some Appa Dae and son V interactions ❀ lol
This is so great!! I'm so proud of both groups and yaaas to daehyun/V interactions hahahah
yasss haha I acidenltly had put dae as the Umma when Bacon is the umma and dae is the father XD I want a family reunion @kpopandkimchi