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In case you weren't aware, a certain Vingler, (@Allobaber), is over the moon. She's just shared some very exciting news. Have you heard? If not, take a look here to see what the hubbub is all about!
Everyone seems to be super thrilled for her too. Even @InPlainSight had something to say about it. Dig through the comments here to see what he said on a card written by @nicolejb And if you haven't, send her a kind note celebrating love!
I found this beautiful picture of two lovers and this sweet poem. I felt like the two of these paired well together, so here it is.
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Beautiful card @marshalledgar, we're all wishing @allobaber luck with this one. She has a beautiful soul and I would love to see her happiness continue.
Or if being single makes them happy too @marshalledgar :) haha that can also be a beautiful thing. to have all your dreams come true through yourself!
Wow thanks @marshalledgar @InPlainSight :) <3 I hope so too ^.^ I appreciate you thinking of me!!
Thanks guys @nicolejb and @inplainsight I wish her well. And I wish all the souls on Vingle, still searching for love, that they find it too. :)
Beautiful quote 馃槏 thank you for sharing. I'd love that feeling, to look into someone's eyes and just know
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