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Wade Wilson aka Deadpool ♥ ♥
Yup, Wade and I would like to know your Merc name! As we all know he goes by Deadpool! So what about you? I know I call @BeannachtOraibh Ms Loki... Code name Loki

So if you were are comic book character? Have fun and be creative!

I go by Ms. Deadpool Wilson ♥ since I bribed him with food I cooked! ✨ Other than that on most Deadpool post I am L A Von Dangerous ♥
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@shannonl5 Jill Valentine lol from resident evil lol I respect her character! Lol most gamers do
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@Kirooken I shall call u the lost one be cause your you lost XD
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Shhhhhhh @sammsosa
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